I lost my match for the single elimination so I ended up in 33 place together with Line Kjorsvik,  Ina Kaplan,  Kamila Khodjaeva and Monica Webb. Tough day for the westerns. Kelly Fisher made it through (winning 7-6) but lost her first match in the single elimination against Fu Xiaofang in the tv arena. I think she did amazing considering her last few months.

Anyway,  we now got four western players left and we will all be there to support them. Caroline Roos,  Jasmin Michel,  Allison Fisher and Karen Corr are all playing at 13. And also Jeanette Lee is playing Pan Xiaoting in the tv arena:)

Off to the venue!



Departure is closing in, this time we play in Guilin China, from 15th -18th of october. This is the first year in Guilin and we are all looking forward to explore what is said to be one of the most beautiful landscapes in China. My visa is ok, the flights are booked and good, the hotel booked, the Cyclop balls on the practice table, all in all I am getting ready to go:)

Alison Chang has been kind enough to send me the players list, she will post it on her blog later. (She is having some technical problems today). Team Europe is looking good:) Also I have read up on the chinese website, www.nineball.com.cn, and see we are playing with 1 on the spot, three point rule and 45 sec shot-clock. Good to know:)

Here is the players list:

A - 2014 Womens WC 9-ball Players list

Players list by Alison Chang

Alisons blog:
Taiwanese Passion for Pool
E-mail: admin@alison-chang.com

China, her we come!


Ardennen Cup 2014

June 10, 2014


Bernadette De Jonge and I. Photo courtesy Sjef Creusen

Ardennen Cup is a great tournament, but this year it was hot hot hot!! I felt like I was playing in a sauna at times, sweat running and cheeks red. But we had fun:)

In Womens Eurotour tournament I ended up 33rd, just outside the single elimination. I really struggled in the heat and I fell short. I lost my first match against Christine Feldmann ( SUI) 2-5. missing all the important shots and she did not. Next match against Ortenzia Haefliger (SUI) was better, I remembered to play safe instead of missing the difficult key shots:) I won 5-1. Against Marketa Mlejnkova (CZE) I played better again and won 5-3. Then it was time for the LQ and now Christien Wiechert (GER) was my opponent. I started to play really good, just to mess it up in the end. I just got out of position on the last ball or the 8-ball time and time again and Christine played very well. She won 5-1. The simply made the ultimate sin in 8-ball, clear the table and solve all the problems before I let my opponent back on the table:(

Ina Kaplan (GER) won the tournament, Caroline Roos (SWE) was the runner up and Jasmin Michel (GER) and Nahtalie Seichter (NED) came third. Well done all!


Caroline Roos on the table, getting ready for the final


Ina Kaplan and Marc Meyer (main organizer)


June and I found a team mate for the teams, Tim J La Fazia II from US. We had great fun and won a few matches. The ultimate win was against Team ABC:) Tim won the 10-ball against Jörgen Sandman, June won the 9-ball against Elkhem Eisajan and I got my ass kicked in 8-ball by Mats Schjetne. 2-1 for My Team-:,0) Wohoo! Thanks guys for all the fun.

Here are some pictures of Jörgen with a cue! This is not something you see every day:) Sitting in the back is Mats and Kristina Grim (GER)


Jorgen 2


Mats did a great job in the main tournament. He finished 5th, loosing 5-6 in the QF. Well done!


Mats Schjetne in the QF

Thanks Team ABC for all the support and fun these last few days. Also thanks to Marc Meyer, Nahtalie Meyer-Venneker and all you guys making food and working for us.

And last but not least, thanks to the Swedish (and Austrian) girls for all the good laughs!

Now it is time for some last work before my vacation starts. Looking forward to that. I am not sure what my next tournament will be. Bergen Open is in august but i have not yet decided if I will play or not. Players like Efren Reyes and Niels Feijen will be there so it will be a good tournament, we will see what happens:)

Thanks for reading!


amwayI have already said this, but I say it again. Amway Cup is a big deal over here! We have never had so many tv cameras present, I counted around 20. Apparently the two guys announcing us at the press conference are very famous here in Taiwan….


My group. From left: Pan Xiaoting, Rubilen Amit, Lin Hsiao-Chi, myself, Wu Jing


The players, the officials and the sponsors

After the press conference we went to Mr Tu’s poolhall to get some shots in. We do not have any practice time in the venue before tomorrow. I start my first of three matches tomorrow at 1210 local time. playing against Rubilen.

We play winners break race to 7, Wish me luck!



At the press conference

Signing posters and magazines

Yesterday, after bein spray painted with make up and having fake eye lashes. I also feel like I have got a wig, not my hair… Photo shoots are hard work!


Here is Lyndall undergoing the spraypainting:)


From yesterday, Dinner at Din Tai Fung with Lyndall Hulley and Alison Chang:)

5th in Sweden

July 20, 2013

I ended 5th in Sweden after loosing 7-8 for Caroline Roos (SWE). I played really well the whole tournament but failed in the end of the quarterfinal match. Thats life:) I advanced on the European ranking though so overall I am happy:)

Jasmin Ouschan (AUT) won the tournament.

Next tournament is World Championship 9-ball in Shenyang,  China, starting august 9th. But first, a small break at ny family’s summer house:)


Have a great summer all!