Women Open 9-Ball Braga

September 20, 2018

After a break I am sooo looking forward to go to Braga on friday to play the Women 9-ball Open! We are playing in Sara Rochas poolhall Bracara Academia de Bilhar and we start saturday 22nd. Looking forward to a bit of warm weather, seeing good friends and off course play pool:)

You find all information here: https://womeneurotouronline.com/

This time there will be livestream on facebook, I will post the links when I have them.

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Women Dutch Open

August 11, 2017

Ready for my next challenge! I was two and out in the open division, but it was good practice before my main event tomorrow. I play Ana Gradisnik at 0900 and I will try my best to perform well. We have a full field of 64 players, which promise good for the tour future, but means busy days:)

Follow the tournament on #womeneurotouronline and watch the best livestream on #kozoom

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Onwards and upwards


My new cue has arrived!

July 18, 2017

Finally! I have waited for this cue for a long time. This was my birthday present (my birthday was in january) and I am super excited to finally have it!

Actually there are two new cues, the playing cue that is a OB RB-1 limited edition (only 100 made) and the OB Rift in Black. I love my new set of cues and I have been practicing diligently every day and will continue to do so until I leave for 3 weeks of European Championships and Euro tour in the beginning of august.

I feel very lucky and humbled to say that I get the best from the best, alongside OB Cues I have KAMUI that provides me with the best accessories I could think of. The Digicue is a great training device and paired with the Kamui Diamond Slicer on my Dynamic Table, I get the best preparation I can possibly get for my tournaments and also for my personal improvement.

I will keep posting throughout the EC youth, you will see Kamui on every Team Norway player! I will introduce them to you when I am in Leende, and keep you posted on their development in the tournament. I am there on behalf of the EPBF during the EC Youth, but I will keep an eye on my young Team Mates:)

After the EC Youth we have an Eurotour and then it is the EC Seniors & Ladies where I will play in the Ladies event for the first time.

Exciting three weeks ahead! Hopefully they result in medals both for the Youth and us oldies:)

Please let me know if I can provide you with anything or something from Kamui and OB Cues! If there is something I do not have in stock, I will get it for you:)

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PS; check out the new video from Kamui

Also check out the KAMUI website and the OB Cues website! And mine off course, remember to send me an email if you want to order something or have questions.

Tomorrow morning I leave for the third eurotour stop in St Johann Im Pongau in Austria. The venue and hotel, Sportshotel Alpina, is superb and I am really looking forward to visit them again. I start to play saturday morning, the draw will be ready tomorrow afternoon. My teammates Mats Schjetne and Thomas Fjæran are already there and play today at 1330.

I am really looking forward to play, I have spent the last weeks practicing on my Dynamic table with the Tournament balls. Since we have 1 on spot on the break in Norway, I have focused on my break shot and I think I finally found a consistent way of hitting the balls with 9 on the spot. The break shot is one of the most important shots in 9-ball and this break requires a very different hit than with 1 on the spot so it really needs to be practiced.

If you want to follow the tournament you find all information and draw / livescore on the womeneurotouronline.com

Livestream is done by the best: Kozoom.com

The mens division is on Eurotouronline.com

Thanks to my sponsors #Kamuibrand #OBCues and offcourse Norges BiljardforbundSvithun Biljardklubb and Ines Biljardbutikk.

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That’s it

November 5, 2015


What a day. I really didn’t play bad, I just got beaten. That’s it. My second match was againsr Wu Jing ( CHN )  and even though the score 2-7 does not say the whole truth, I got beaten.

Now I am going to watch great pool and be a tourist for a few days. Sadly Line is also done, along with several top players from Europe like Caroline Roos,  Sandra Baumgartner  and Ana Mazhirina. The conditions makes problem for a lot of people.

I will post some more  pictures when I come home,  internett is a little shaky here.

Follow the tournament on alison-chang.com 🙂

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