My quiet place, only fish as company:)

I lost 7-6 against Tamara Peeters in the LQ so 17th out of 60 participants. After struggling with my game thursday it was goid to feel ok friday. My game was ok, it was just not enough this time.

Today I finally go back home after 3 weeks in Veldhoven. I have had great time, been very busy with the EPBF, played good, played bad, won gold and silver, spent time with good friends and super teammates, saw Nina win gold and Ole Kristian just miss out and win silver, witnessed my good friend Jörgen Sandman get the EPBF award on the Gala evening, survived a heat wave and has been fortunate enough to be part of the worlds greatest pool event!

Thank you all!

Enjoy your summer everyone


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Here we go again, this time it’s the Eurotour! Played a match already against Aleksandra Guleikova (RUS). Always hard to play these talented young girls, but I won 7-6 in the end. Next match at 16:00 against Kateryna Polovinchuk (UKR).

We are 60 participants in the women’s division, really nice that so many are playing:)

Wish me luck and thanks for reading!


All results and information is on


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Silver in 9-ball

August 1, 2018

I ran out of steam in the finals, and Cristina Moscetti played really well. So this European championships ended for me with silver in the 9-ball. I am happy with my performance overall, one gold, one silver and a 5th place feels ok. Especially since I have been busy with EPBF also.

Amazing event, amazing staff and a amazing team. Thank you all!

Eurotour starts tomorrow, lets have some fun!

Thanks for reading and your support:)


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Ready for QF in 9-ball

July 30, 2018

One match today, WQ against Nathalie Rohmer from France. I won 6-3 and will play QF 1130 tomorrow. Our team has 6 players playing at 0930 tomorrow so we may have quite a lot of players in the quartefinals. Crossing my fingers! Kim Ronny Nygård is also in the QF so we have two for sure:)

Wish us all luck tomorrow!


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5th place 8-ball

July 26, 2018

Ulrika Anderson played really well so all credit to her. I was up 4-3, broke dry, she ran the table. 4-4, she breaks, gets a ball and runs the table. Thats it, not much to do about that. Tomorrow Line and I play team and 9-ball starts saturday.

Now, time to watch Ole Kristian Rudshavn and Emil-Andre Gangfløt play semifinals in U17. Gooooo Norway!!!


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