17th place in Klagenfurt

October 12, 2019

Long trip yesterday and long day today. Won my first match but lost 5-7 to Kristina Tkach in WQ and 5-7 to Maharyta Fefilava in LQ. I played ok, especially my last match was good. The problem is that making just a few mistakes is not enough against these players. Ohwell, just have to loose those mistakes before the next tournament.

Tomorrow I am going to follow my friends and just hang out:)

Congrats to my teammate Mats Schjetne winning bronze in the Eurotour!

Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it


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New tournament new opportunities!This time we go to Klagenfurt in Austria, Jasmin Ouschan’s hometown. She is also involved in the organizing of this event that is a little different from the others. Normally we play in the same hotel we stay, this time we play in Sportpark Klagenfurt, a sports venue next to Jasmin’s Billiard Sport Academy.

It has been a little difficult this time. Adria Airlines went bankrupt and I was told last thursday that my flight to Ljubljana was cancelled. Flying from Stavanger I don’t have many options and that close to the tournament it is expensive! In the end I booked to Munich and will drive from there, so travel time will be somewhere around 10 hours.. what we go through to play a tournament!! My friends and family that do not play think I am crazy:)

Anyway, livescore, draw and results is here: https://womeneurotouronline.com/

The best livestream: http://www.kozoom.com/en/pool-billiard

Remember that some matches every day is sent for free on EPBFs facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/europeanpocketbilliardfederation/

Thanks for the support and for the read:)





Tomorrow I play the second ranking tournament this season. This time we play straightpool, nice change from 9-ball:)

Draw and results on cuescore

Wish me good rolls and thanks for the support:)


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Lucky me!

September 12, 2019

As some of you know I have been busy this summer running for election for Høyre in my local community. Sadly I did not make into the council, but I have had a great time. This picture is me (in the back) working for my political party with my small pooltable. Talking to people and playing pool, mixing my favourite politics with my favourite sport! How lucky am I!

I learned a lot about myself in the process. I stepped outside my comfort zone numerous times and had a blast. I actually think I have grown as a person and I am sure these experiences will follow me into my game.

I feel so lucky, and humble, to be able to do the things I love. Travel to tournaments, being involved in local politics and also in the European Pocket Billiard Federation as a boardmember. Besides this I work with strategies and economics and my husband and I also work together to grow our company.

This has been a crazy busy summer, but a great one! Vacation? Next year😂

Thank you for all the support, both in sports and politics.

Onwards and upwards!


After a long, but good day, I won the final 6-1. I have played solid all day and went undefeated through the tournament.

Thanks for the support:)


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