Finally I am back on the Eurotour! This is my first major tournament after the procedure to my elbow and I can not wait to play! The trip so far has been a bit strange though, no luggage, then luggage should arrive, flights cancelled and now hopefully it will come tomorrow. I do have my cue, but nothing else. Luckily I have a lot of nice people around so I am sure everything will be fine:)

The venue, Sporthotel Alpina, is as beautiful as always and everything is running smoothly. The men started today and women start tomorrow. We are 6 people here representing Norway, Mats Brujordet Schjetne, Emil Andre Gangfløt, Jonas Kvalsund Hansen, Ole Kristian Rudshavn and Nina Torvund besides msyelf. The best team:)

I will play at 12, you find all information here:

Draw and information:

Livestream: (all tables streamed) And some matches on Facebook (

Thanks to Kamui for the best tips and chalk, and thank you for reading. And off course thank you to my federation for the support.



Regional Championships

May 28, 2022

A few weeks ago my club organised the Regional Championships. This is the first tournament we have had in a year or so, and the first for me after my Dry needling procedure to my elbow in March. I was pretty excited to see how it would be. I still am not allowed to use force so breaking is difficult, as you probably understand making 3 points with the 9 on the spot is almost impossible!

I did find my game at times, playing really well and also turning some matches around. In the end I fell short in the final and sadly lost that, but I did enter the final undefeated. This looks good for the Eurotour in St Johann, I can not wait to be on the road again!

Thank you #KAMUI for believing in me and make sure I have the best tips and chalk at all times. All the players struggling through Covid has been supported throughout, which is simply outstanding! They also been developing new products during the Pandemic, I have been fortunate enough to be allowed to take part of the trials. More information on this will come very soon!

Thank you for reading, and thank you for caring! Lets make 2022 the best Pool year ever!


So, this time I am staying home watching everything on! I had a needle procedure done to my elbow 5 weeks ago, hoping to cure the tennis elbow, and I need to make sure I don’t strain it. So, I decided the best is to skip this one and be ready for the rest of the season!

I am using my weekend to study for my exam on tuesday and watching pool online:)

I wish all athletes the best of luck, especially the Norwegian team! Goooo Norway!

Thanks to Kamui for the continued support and also the Norwegian Billiard Federation and the EPBF.

Make sure to check out the tournaments on

Onwards and upwards!


Through to last 16!

February 27, 2022

The hike did the job, I won 7-5 against Monika Zabek (POL) and then 7-5 against my teammate Nina Torvund. I am by no means playing great, but I manage to find my focus and work through it. That is all I can ask for really. So, last 16, new match at 1930, this time against Ana Gradisnik (SLO). My teammate Line Kjørsvik is also through, she plays against Oia Filler (GER). In the mens division Mats Schjetne and Jonas Kvvalsund Hansen is still hanging in there. Mats lost the WQ, Jonas is still playing. GOOO NORWAY!

Livescore and draw:


Wish me luck and thanks for reading:)







Mental preparation

February 27, 2022

So, I lost 7-5 against Melanie Sussenguth (GER) yesterday, but my game was not so bad. You just have to remember the positives and work on the small things when you are in a tournament like this. And off course try your best to be prepared for the next match. So today I went for a walk/small climb to clear my head. We are in a beautiful location and very often the poolplayers forget to use the surroundings during a tournament. Here, we have a river and a small “mountain” across it and there are walking paths up the hillside. I love walking in the forrest on the footpaths, no asfalt or gravel.

So, totally prepared for my 1330 match against Monika Zabek (POL), let’s have some fun!

Thanks for reading