I have not been playing today. I lost against Monika Margeta (SWE) late last night. Strange match, I started out ok but got very tired and just lost my game. The cold still in place. Monika played really well and I ended up on 17th place.

Spent day two watching matches and relaxing with friends. The final was really good and Chen Siming defeated Jasmin Ouschan 7-4 in the end after great play from both.

That’s it for now, going home tomorrow and the next tournament is the first weekend of november.

Thanks for reading:)


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I arrived late last night without my luggage off course. What a surprise😂

I went to the venue and my good friend Sjef was there with his shop Sonny’s Billiard supplies helped me out so I have played my first match with McDermott with I3 shaft. Good cue, but very different from my OB-2+, I had to go back to basic and natural angles. All english make the cue ball swerve and I loose all confidence in my hit. But, I won my match 7-6 and play the WQ at 1900. Crossing my fingers I have my cue and clean clothes by then:)

The venue looks great, we have a players lounge and food service and plenty of space for spectators. My cold is better also so all in all things are looking bright.

Onwards and upwards!


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Klagenfurt women’s open

October 6, 2017

On my way to Klagenfurt, Austria, to play the 5th eurotour this year. Still have a cold but I have prepared the best I can, especially for flying.

This is an exciting tournament. First of all it is in Jasmin Ouschans home town, venue right next to her academy, secondly world number one, Chen Siming is playing! I love that she has flown to Europe to play and for the moment she is playing in the Open division, beating Daryl Peach for the WQ. I hope she continues to come and play:) My friend Alison Chang is also there, looking forward to see her and the rest of my good friends.

In the open division two Norwegians is in action, Mats Schjetne and Thomas Fjaeran.

I will keep you updated during the weekend, but you can off course find all livescore and results on womeneurotouronline.com and livestream on kozoom.com

Thanks for reading and wish me luck


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In Oslo playing the Norwegian Championships 10-ball in both Open division and women. The venue is Oslo Biljardsenter and they have a brand new Rasson table which the women got the pleasure of playing on yesterday:) Always a little tricky to play on new tables with new cloth, but I enjoyed it:) Nice looking table.

Anyway, I played one match in both tournaments yesterday and won both. My match in womens was against 13 year old Elina Louise Karlsen Storheil which I won 6-1. Nice girl with a good stroke, Kerp up the practice!

My match in open was against Sebastian Meling and I played very solid and won 8-2. Will try my best to keep it up, next match is WQ at 13:00

You can find draw, results, livescore and livestream here:



Thanks for reading!


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17th…. again

September 3, 2017

After a though start sending me to the losers side I found my game trailing 2-8 to 9 against Tom Bjerke. One ball at a time I managed to win 9-8. Next match against Robin Ertesvåg was not bad but not good enough and I lost 9-5. So another 17th place. Thats life:)

Onwards and upwards, next tournament is the Norwegian Championships 10-ball in the end of september.

Thanks for reading!


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