9th place 10-ball

May 1, 2019


Jasmin Ouschan came from the loosers side and that was my draw. I started of with some mistakes, but played better as the match went on. Jasmin did not play her best game, but good enough. I lost 6-3. So, now I will work for a few days, the General Assembly is coming up on saturday, and then 9-ball!

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Draw, results and livescore


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Close matches, but won both! Ready for the single elimination tomorrow:) I am really happy with that, I have played ok but not great. Finished the day commentating with Thomas Overbeck on the EPBF facebook FREE livestream:)

Play again at 1730 tomorrow.

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#Kamui #obcues #EPBF #norgesbiljardforbund #europeampoolchampionship

Sorry for the gap in posts, hopefully my schedule is now back to normal and I can keep posting:)

I am currently in BHR HItel Treviso for the European Championships. I am here first of all as an official for the EPBF, but I am lucky enough to be able top lay two disciplines, 10-ball and 9-ball. I start with the 10-ball today, I can’t wait:)

All 24 tables are streamed

You find Draw, Results and Livescore on europeanpoolchampionships.eu

The best Livestream! Kozoom.com

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#Kamui #Obcues #EPBF #Europeancpoolhampionships #Norgesbiljardforbund

I absolutly ran out of steam in the fonals in womens division. I started at 0930 in the Open division and lost 5-7. Then 2 hour break and semis in the Womens which I won 6-1. In the finals I tried to find a spark, but no. I lost 4-6. Well done Nina Torvund and Mats Schjetne Norwegian Champions 10-ball!

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#Kamui #obcues #norgesbiljardforbund

I havebeen so busy playing I have not had time to write!

I started yesterday in both open and women and have played since 0900 today, finishing at 2100. The short version looks like this:

I won both my matches in womens division and play the semifinals sunday at 1300. Opponent will be known tomorrow. In the open division I lost my first match, but won three in a row to make it into last 16 which will be played sunday at 0930.

Draw and results Women: https://cuescore.com/tournament/NM+Kvinner/3573263

Draw and results Open: https://cuescore.com/tournament/NM+NC2+Elite/3573241

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#Kamui #obcues #norgesbiljardforbund