Nordic championships

February 4, 2018

This was not my tournament. I lost the LQ against Louise Furberg after loosing the WQ. I never found my game unfortunately. Pool can be soo much fun but also very frustrating.

So, 9th place for me.

Next tournament is in a couple of weeks. I will come back strong:)

Onwards and upwards!

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I am so sorry for not wrapping up 2017. There has been so much going on these last few months it’s unreal. I can tell you that a year that made me European champion twice can not be all bad:) Thank you all for the support during 2017, I really appreciate it.

Also a big thank you to Kamui for believing in me and supporting me for yet another year! I am proud to be part of the Kamui family and I hope to make you proud again this year. OB cues also needs to be mentioned, the best shafts and cues in the world:)

So, 2018 starts off with the Nordic Championships tomorrow. I play my first match saturday morning and there are 23 of us playing in the women’s division. You can find the draw; results and livestream info here:

This will be a nice weekend, hopefully filled with good play and also good friends.

Yeay! 2018 here I come!

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Once again we have been in the beautiful city Braga and Sara Rocha’s poolhall Bracara academia de bilhar.

I started saturday with winning my two first matches despite a really bad neck, but in the winners qualification I fell short. Melanie Süssenguth (GER) played to well and that meant I had to start early today, but at least my game came together towards the end of the match and I was able to bring that into the loosers qualification today. I won 7-4 against Monika Zabek (POL) but sadly lost 7-6 to Kateryna Polovinchuk (UKR). So, 9th place it is.

Congratulations to Maharyta Fefilava (BLR) for winning and Katarzyna Wesolowska (POL) second place!

I have had a good time and it is always good to see my friends both from Europe and Taiwan. Alison Chang played her first ET:)

Next ET is 4-5 March and my last tournament of this season is 1-3 desember (Norwegian Championships)

Thank you Sara, Ana and Ricardo for making the tournament a successand thank you all for the support!

Thanks for reading and also to my sponsors, #kamuibrand #obcues #norwegianbilliardfederation #svithunbiljardklubb #inesbiljardbutikk


NC 6 Herøy

November 4, 2017

This weekend I have been playing ranking event 6 out of 7 in the Norwegian elite division. We are in Fosnavåg, Herøy, a beautiful place as close to the North sea you can come. The picture show the view from my hotelroom, I could sit there forever:)

I finished 13th in the tournament after running into Mats Schjetne on the loosers side. I am not to dissapointed, I have been playing good today but Mats was on fire.

So now I am cheering for my teammate Fredrik Førde:)

Two weeks until next tournament which is the Women’s 9-ball Open in Braga, Portugal.

Onwards and upwards!

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I have not been playing today. I lost against Monika Margeta (SWE) late last night. Strange match, I started out ok but got very tired and just lost my game. The cold still in place. Monika played really well and I ended up on 17th place.

Spent day two watching matches and relaxing with friends. The final was really good and Chen Siming defeated Jasmin Ouschan 7-4 in the end after great play from both.

That’s it for now, going home tomorrow and the next tournament is the first weekend of november.

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