I lost the quarterfinals against Natalia Seroshtan with 8-2. I did not play my best game, but I did try my best. 5th is still ok, but offcourse I am dissapointed not to play better. 

Now I am watching Kelly Fisher and Natalia Seroshtan in the finals:)

Eurotour starts thursday so I am going to enjoy a day in the sun tomorrow 

Thanks for reading and thanks for your support!

Ine 🙂 

#Kamui #OBcues 

Quarterfinals! !!

March 28, 2017

Yes! I made it. I beat Tamara Rademakers – Peters 7-5 in the last 16. 

Yeayyyy!! Quarterfinals against Natalia Seroshtan in 10 min. Wish me luck 🙂


Saturday was a busy day. I started with a match at 0900, then the General assembly of the EPBF, match at 1500 and then a meeting again. Eventfull and successful day as I won both my matches (7-4 against Mayte Ropero and 7-3 against Sara Rocha) and got elected as new treasurer in the EPBF. Yesterday I had one match to qualify for the last 16 and won 7-3,  playing Marta Tavares.

Then was the players party which is always good fun:)

I have the day of today, my next match is tomorrow at 1200. 

So, I am going to support my teammates today and hope for a weather change:)

Thanks for reading and follow the action on europeanpoolchampionships.eu and kozoom.com! 

Ine 🙂 

#Kamui #OBcues

Go Team Norway! 

March 24, 2017

First team match is on and Norway plays against Spain.

Gooooooo Team Norway! !

Draw and results on europeanpoolchampionships.eu

So, as you can see from the picture I am sitting in the wrong place watching the last 16. I did the fatal mistake of not standing still on the 10-ball. More than once. That does not work. So, I am off until Saturday. 

Onwards and upwards! 

Ine 🙂