17th…. again

September 3, 2017

After a though start sending me to the losers side I found my game trailing 2-8 to 9 against Tom Bjerke. One ball at a time I managed to win 9-8. Next match against Robin Ertesvåg was not bad but not good enough and I lost 9-5. So another 17th place. Thats life:)

Onwards and upwards, next tournament is the Norwegian Championships 10-ball in the end of september.

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Ready for my next ranking tournament for the elite division in Norway. This time we play in Ask, near Oslo, and the tournament is hosted by Ask Billiard Club. Looking forward to play in themorning at 1030, they have brand new cloth and I expect the playing conditions to be close to perfect. Discipline is 9-ball race yo 9 and my first opponent is Jan Helge Kordts.

You find draw and results here: https://cuescore.com/tournament/NC4+Elite/1276442

Wish me luck and thanks for reading!


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What a week! European Champion twice!

Thank you all for the support and thank you Team Norway! Vegar Kristiansen, Christian Johannessen, Ronny Oldervik, Jørgen Nilsen, Rune Espeland and Bjørn Bratteberg!!! Team Norway won the team, Vegar won 10-ball, we have 4 gold and 1 bronze. What a team!

My sponsors Kamui and OB cues, my federation, my family, EPBF, the referee team and tournament director…THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE!

Now some celebration before I head home tomorrow:)

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The 8-ball fog…

August 20, 2017

First let me start by saying that my opponent Karin Michl played very well and handled the shot clock better than me yesterday. I was outplayed and she absolutly deserved to win. She got silver in the end, well done.

My problems yesterday was only my problems and have nothing to do with my opponent, playingconditions or the surroundings. I just struggled to get my head right and got really insecure. I kept picking the wrong balls and did not see the patterns. The shotclock added to my problem because I never got enough time to pull myself together. I call this going into thr 8-ball fog and I need time to get out… which I did not have.

It got better in the end but I decided to fix a problem instead of playing another safe and ended up sinking the 8-ball. So, loss 3-6 and 5th place in 8-ball😊

Today 9-ball starts at 1230. Looking forward to start over!

Reports will come, wish me luck.

Onwards and upwards!


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Quarterfinals 8-ball

August 19, 2017

At 1630 I play the quarterfinals in 8-ball against Karin Michl from Germany. I will do my best to bring my A game, wish me luck:)

The guys are now playing the semifinals in teams. Gooo Team Norway!!

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