This is what I check out when I am on the internet. Hope you find something useful or just plain interesting.

Ines Biljardbutikk – This is my webshop. Sorry that eveything is written in norwegian. Feel free to contact me here or on the “Kontakt oss” contact sheet on if you see something you like or have some product you would like me to check out.

Stavanger Biljardsalong and Svithun Biljardklubb – Everything that happens in the poolroom and in the poolclub. Want to be a member? Contact us or drop in. Open for everybody, membership is voluntery.

Fury cues – or I play with Fury and OB! Check it out! Find something you like? Contact me!

OB cues – Some of the best cues and shafts you can find! Check it out and let me know if you find anything you like:)

Alison Chang – My good friend and amazing photographer. real passion for pool!

Z9Billiardcloth –  In my opinion the best cloth ever made!

Line Kjørsvik – One of my closest friends from the poolworld, nice, successful, brave, travelling the world…. Have a read!

Jasmin Ouschan – Also one of my friends, do not need an introduction…

AZbilliards  – Everything you want to know about everything in the poolworld. Remeber to visit the forums  – Want to know something about snooker or join a event prediction contest? This is the site. Made by Hermund Årdalen.

RubaDubs – My dads reggae band. They are really good! Also check out sugarinspace and gronnte

Dentinista –  One of my best friends, we have known eachother since childhood. One of the few people I know that do not play pool:)

Olav Skrudland – One of the best youth players in norway, and a practice partner.  Playing for Svithun BK  offcourse

Heidi Bratthammer – Another one of my friends and colleagues in Svithun Biljardklubb.


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