My upcoming tournaments (I will update with links when available):


22-23 September: Womens Eurotour Women 9-ball Open, Braga, Portugal

28-30 September/October: Norwegian Championships Women and Open 10-ball (Oslo)

13-14 October: Womens Eurotour Women 9-ball Open, Klagenfurt, Austria

26-28 October: Elite NC-6, 9-ball, Gjøvik

17-18 November: Womens Eurotour Women 9-ball Open, Treviso, Italy

07-09 December: Norwegian Championships Women and Open 9-ball (Oslo)


Already played:

23-25 February  : Norwegian Championships Women and Open 14-1 (Oslo)

03-05 March: Womens Eurotour, Treviso Italy, 9-ball

24-26 March: Elite NC 2, Trondheim

14-15 April: Womens Eurotour, St. Johann, Austria, 9-ball

20-22 April: Norwegian Championships Women and Open 8-ball (Oslo)

19-11 July: 40 year Jubilee European Championships Ladies 8-ball, 10-ball, 9-ball and Teams Women, Veldhoven, Netherlands

02-04 August: Womens Eurotour, Veldhoven, Netherlands, 9-ball


2 Responses to “Calendar”

  1. Dora said

    Hey Ine. I’m Dora. I am not sure whether you still remember me and your short journey to China last summer. I’m happy to get the latest infor. of you and hope everything goes well there! Good luck:)

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