Norwegian Champion 14-1, Runner Up 9-ball Women

March 7, 2023

A long weekend is over, I have had a great time! We started with 14-1 friday and played into saturday. My game was a bit on and off, but i managed to pull enough 20+ series to secure a win undefeated:) My best match statistically was the final, but the semis against Nina Torvund was the toughest and tightest, I won the semi 75-67 and the final 75-27. Happy to be Norwegian champion Women 14-1:)

The 9-ball started directly after the finals and the 14-1 took more out of me than I thought. I had 2 rough matches, first against Astrid E. Pedersen (6-3) and then against 12 year old talent Emma Bahus. I managed to pull out a win in the end, it came down to the wire and 6-5. What a pleasure to see young talent in Norway, Os Biljard & Snookerklubb really did a great job working with juniors and especially girls!

Quarterfinals was sunday and I can honestly say that 2 playing days and a 5 hour drive on friday had taken its toll. I could feel it straight away in the quarterfinals against Astrid Eiken Flage, sometimes all shots are a struggle no matter how easy they seem! I won 7-2 but that is not really reflecting the match. The semis against Vilde Mary Dingsøyr Holme was the same and the numbers 7-5 is more accurate for how the game went. In the finals I managed to find a gear for like 20 minutes and then it was gone. I lost to a well playing Nina Torvund 7-3. Well deserved Nina!

So, one lost match during the weekend and I am happy with my performance overall:)

Os Biljard & Snookerklubb did a great job, what an atmosphere and great people! It was a joy to be there and I will be back next time for sure! THANK YOU! To feel so appreciated as a pool player is amazing. I think my most difficult moment was when I had to go to the toilet during my match with the local talent Emma Bahus and walk though the area with the audience! The air was full of expectations and nerves, all of them routing for Emma off course! To have an audience like that is amazing, even when they are hoping you will loose:) When parents and players, and all people around are so involved, it gives energy and drive.

The drive home sunday went well, you can say I was kind of beat when I finally arrived home around 2300. But happy!

Thank you again to my sponsors for my amazing equipment. My Luna Nera shaft plays so well and fitted with the Kamui SS I have a perfect match.

Bring on the next tournament!

Thanks for reading:)


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