Ines Biljardbutikk –

My shop enables me to travel, has to be mentioned:)





OB Cues makes some of the best cues in the world, and I combine my Fury butt with a OB-2 shaft. I love the soft hit the OB shaft provides and the mix of my custom Fury butt with this shaft is perfect!

I will sell OB shafts for all the Fury cues, and off course you can buy a shaft for almost every cue out there:)





I play with a Kamui Black Clear SS and it is the best tip I have ever played with. Kamui has top class equipment and it will all be available in my shop very soon:)




I Play with a Fury SND with an OB-2 shaft. Fury have provided me with this cue  and customized it  for me.  This is a perfect playing cue and I recommend you to try one. Fury also sponsors (among others) Kelly Fisher who has  made her own Kwickfire by Fury series.



My good friend Klaus Zobrekis have manufactured this cloth from start to finish. He has  invented a cloth that is superb when it comes to quality in all levels. How it plays, how durable it  is, everything. I would try it…





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