Mental preparation

February 27, 2022

So, I lost 7-5 against Melanie Sussenguth (GER) yesterday, but my game was not so bad. You just have to remember the positives and work on the small things when you are in a tournament like this. And off course try your best to be prepared for the next match. So today I went for a walk/small climb to clear my head. We are in a beautiful location and very often the poolplayers forget to use the surroundings during a tournament. Here, we have a river and a small “mountain” across it and there are walking paths up the hillside. I love walking in the forrest on the footpaths, no asfalt or gravel.

So, totally prepared for my 1330 match against Monika Zabek (POL), let’s have some fun!

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Predator Eurotour Women Open

February 26, 2022

Here we go again! Can’t wait to begin.

The change of days and tv productions means we have a slightly different schedule, the finals will be on monday. I start at 1330, wish me luck:)

Livescore and draw:


Thanks to Kamui for the continued support!

Onwards and upwards!






Thank you Kamui!

January 17, 2022

My players package arrived a few days ago with a personal birthday card and gift. The attention and care Kamui has for their players is really special and I, and the other sponsored players, are truly grateful. I am proud to be part of your Quest for excellence and I hope I will contribute with feedback on the new tips after I have tried them for a while. Thank you for trusting me to be part of the development:)

I am looking forward to start 2022 and I know O have the best chalk and tips. I use the Kamui Roku for my everyday play and a Kamui Black SS tip. This is by far the best tip I have ever come across.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about Kamui products:)

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2021 has been a strange and somewhat difficult year. I guess you all feel the same. Most tournaments cancelled, my little pool club closed, restrictions for everything and cancelled celebrations. But, I have also had some positive experiences and learned a lot about myself.

I know a lot of friends around the world has been very ill with Covid, some still struggling with it, and some in the pool family also dead. I want to take this opportunity to say I feel for you all and offer my deepest condolences to those who lost someone ❤

Playing pool has been a challenge because of a severe infection in my elbow (tennis elbow). I have had 3 cortisone shots the last year and are doing all kinds of exercises. Strict message not to play too much and not to work on the computer more than absolutely necessary. So from that point of view less tournaments has meant more time to relax the elbow. But, I did manage to play the European Championships Ladies and finished on a respectable 3rd place in 9-ball in the end. Frustrating to not perform my best, but very happy to be able to play at all:)

The Bronze team from Norway:) Didrik Vatne, myself and Ronny Oldervik. Photo by Daniela Kayano, European Pocket Billiard Federation

So, what more has happened in 2021? I did get a “normal” job as an administrative manager in a accounting company. This would not be possible if all events were normal, but since the past year has been different, I could find time to learn something new. I have several employees to take care of and I also take some courses on bachelor level to be able to get my own authorization as an accountant soon. I will absolutely not stop playing pool, but it is nice to have new experiences and step outside my comfort zone. I think that is important to continue to develop yourself as a person and you also learn something about your own reactions under stress. Knowing what to expect helps you to control the situation.

The Smartpool project that the EPBF has together with the Dutch pool federation (KNBB), the Finnish pool federation, the German pool federation (DBU), the Bulgarian pool federation, the Cyprus pool federation, Mulier Institute, EU MATHS IN and Platform Wiskunde has also been both a steep learning curve and an absolute joy to work with. To think that we are making a mathematics curriculum that teachers will use to teach mathematics through pool in the schools is just amazing to me. Thank you all for taking part and thank you Erasmus+ for believing in this project and grant us EU funds.

From our smartpool event in Amsterdam, our first and only physical meeting before the lock down in december. Photo by Jimmy Worung, Orange Forks

I was reelected as Treasurer in the European Pocket Billiard Federation during the General Assembly in Turkey in November. Sadly I could not be there, this is the first European Championships I have missed all together since 1997! I missed playing and I missed my friends. For Norway, Nina Torvund had her first appearance in the women’s division and I am proud to say she did very well winning Bronze in 8-ball! I am very happy that our young guns are doing well, it is about time we get new blood from Norway, also in the women’s division. Line Kjørsvik and I have been on top way to long, this is the future:) Not that I in any way are cutting back, I will play all Eurotours, the EC Ladies and all other tournaments I can, but we need new players or pool in Norway will be in trouble.

So what will 2022 bring? I am sure it must be better than 2021. We are all getting vaccinated, we are starting to understand how Covid is behaving, we are getting used to restrictions and learn how to deal with them and implement them in our everyday life instead of being hampered by them. I will continue with the political work for Høyre and keep on doing my best in the EPBF Board. And off course continue to develop in my “normal” job. The EPBF will continue to have events, and from the first event in 2022 we will have TV productions for all Euro Tour Men and hopefully for Women in the near future. I will continue to play all events possible and aim for the stars as always:)

I have to thank Kamui for the continued support during 2021 and into 2022. I am humbled and proud to represent this brilliant company which manufactures what I truly believe to be the best tips and chalk. Whatever cue I play with, whatever shaft, the Kamui Clear SS is my standard tip and has been for years:)

I also have to thank the Norwegian Billiard Federation for support for EC and ETs, that makes it possible for me to travel.

Stay healthy and take care of each other, the world will go back to normal at some point.

Onwards and upwards! Thanks for reading and see you all in 2022!


Semifinals 9-ball!

December 5, 2021

After a disasterous 10-ball tournament and 7th place, two 5-4 losses in 8-ball (with a missed matchball) and 5th place, I finally was able to find my game and went undefeated to the semifinals:)

So next match tomorrow at 13:30

The Norwegian team is doing good overall today, 4 out of 5 still left in the last 32. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it:)

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