Job done well today:)

February 16, 2019

I won my local ranking tournament today. I have played well all day and for once the final was my best match. I did not do many mistakes and won 6-1 in the end over Rune Espeland.

Next weekend the Norwegian Championships 10-ball Open and Women’s division is played in Trondheim, that will be fun

Thanks for reading and thanks for my superb equipment!

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The first major tournament of the year, Nordic Championships, finished today and I got silver. Sadly the final was my worst performance of the day and Monika Margeta (swe) played solid. Still, happy to be in the final, my game was good in the quarterfinal against Nina Torvund (nor) and even better in the semi-final against Louise Furberg (swe)

Some of the tournament is sent now on Eurosport 1, nice to get pool on tv for once!

Thanks for all the support and messages!

New year, new opportunities!


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All semifinalists, from left: Nina Torvund, Matias Sætre, Eirik Riisnæs, Vegar Kristiansen, Kendall Onstad, Mats Schjetne, myself and Mona Bergstø

My 24th gold came today against Nina Torvund in 9-ball. Very happy to have won all four titles in 2018:)

I have had some good and some not so good matches this weekend, it has been busy playing two tournaments at the same time, but in the end all went well. Thank you to my teammates and friends for the support during the tournament 🙂

This was my last tournament this year, looking forward to a break and also some time off.

A big thank you to my sponsors Kamui, OB cues, my federation and off course Svithun Biljardklubb.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! Ser you in 2019.

Thanks for reading and your support during the year.


I am in Oslo to play womens and open division Norwegian Championships 9-ball. I already played a match in each division and have won both. Play again at 0900 tomorrow in the open and WQ in womens some time during the day.

Oslo biljardsenter has 4 streamed tables, you will find them in the brackets on cuescore.



We are 5 athletes from Svithun Biljardklubb here this weekend, Fredrik Førde, Jone Ree Skjelbred, Geir Fosse and Petter Mosbakk.

Wish us luck and thanks for the support:)


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Ok, so my goal was top ten. Close, but still short. That just means I have to work even harder next year.

That means bringing my A game, which I absolutely did not do yesterday against Zlateva. I struggle in the morning matches, not sure how to deal with that, but I will try my best to find a solution.

I have one more tournament this uear, that is the Norwegian Championships in 9-ball 7-9 december.

Thanks for the support:)


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