World Championships Youth

November 22, 2019

Right now the WC Youth is happening in Nicosia, Cyprus. Norway has two qualified players (through the EC), Nina Torvund (Girls) and Emil Andre Gangflot (U17). Youth from all over the world is playing on 8 livestreamed tables (free). The youth is our future, I hope you take a minute and follow the tournament.

I wish all players the best of luck, but especially my two norwegians:)




Links to the Livestream is in the text of each tournament.


9th place

November 11, 2019

So I ended this journey on 9th place. And with a few hours in the sun:) The venue was really nice, long journey, but a good stay.

I did not reach my goal for top 10 in the ranking, I ended on 18th place. That just means I have to work harder next year. First stop in 2020 is in Treviso, Italy, in February. I have one more tournament this year, the Norwegian championships 8-ball in 2 weeks.

Thanks for reading and your support:)

Onwards and upwards!


#Kamui #EPBF #norgesbiljardforbund #svithunbiljardklubb

Single elimination:)

November 10, 2019

I struggled through with wins over Ann-Sofie Löfgren ans Sinem Kokten yesterday. Ready for last 16, playing Melanie Süssenguth at 10.

Wish me luck!


Too early for me..

November 9, 2019

Ohwell. I tried. I struggle a little with 0900 matches and when they become 0700 matches it doesn’t help. We are 2 hours off my normal time and getting up at 0500 don’t work for me as this match sadly proved. I lost 1-7 against Kamilla Khodjaeva feeling a bit helpless.

For those of you that are morning birds, this may sound strange. For those of you that are not, it will make perfect sense. I feel really hungover. I have slept 7 hours, but I just don’t cope with getting up that early. I have no idea how to fix it🙈

I am playing again at 1330 (1130 in Norway ) and I am going to get one more hour sleep before my match.

Onwards and upwards!


Predator Antalya Open

November 8, 2019

On my way to the last eurotour of the year. This time Antalya, Turkey, and the Limak Atlantis Deluxe Resort & Hotel is the venue. Sure hopes the name gives it justice after another “up at 4 and travel 11 hours” trip🙈

We start tomorrow and draw and results can be found on

Livestream on, 24 tables.

I will try to update during the tournament. Thanks for reading and your support!


#Kamui #EPBF #eurotour