Finally the EC Ladies start. First match is at 0900 against Ulrika Anderson (SWE). We are playing 10-ball.

In the Seniors Didrik Vatne is ready for the quarterfinals in straightpool, that will be played at 1630 today.

You find all information here:

Livestream from all tables:

Free matches here:

Thanks to #Kamui #NorgesBiljardforbund and #EPBF and thanks for reading:)


Up in the air! On my way to the beautiful BHR Treviso Hotel for the Eurotour and EC Ladies. The Eurotour starts tomorrow, draw will be done later today.

Mats Schjetne, Emil Andre Gangfløt and Ole Kristian Rudshavn are already there, they started yesterday. All three still on the winner side.

As always you can find draw and results on and livestream from 20 tables on

Thanks to Kamui for sticking with the me and the other Kamui players through this difficult times and thank you Norges Biljardforbund for continued support. And off course thank you for reading:)






The best travel bag!

On my way to Oslo for the Norwegian Championships 10-ball. I am playing in both open and womens division, it’s gonna be a busy weekend:)

I am seeded in both divisions so I play my first match at 21:00.

You find draw, results and links to livestream here:



Thanks for reading and thanks #Kamui for the support!


17th place in the end

August 17, 2021

So, I ended my tournament with a 4-7 loss against Ana Gradisnik (SLO) in the LQ. It was a busy saturday, first match was at 10:00 against Monika Zabek (PLO). I played ok and won 7-5. Next match 1130 against Melanie Süssenguth (GER) and this match was not good. I jsut could not find my game and lost 3-7. Then PCR test and match again at 1300 against Natalja Golob (SLO) which I won 7-1. My 4th match in a row was at 1500 against Yvonne Ullmann-Hybler (GER) and at this point we were all getting tired, terribly warm and the play form both of us was so-so. I did win in the end, 7-5 sending me to the LQ against Ana.

So, long day, terribly warm with the heatwave outside, my elbow not being very nice which destroyed my break shot, I am pretty happy with my game and the 17th place. After all, my last international tournament was Treviso in February 2020!

Next challenge now is the Norwegian Championships 3-5 september in Oslo where I will play both women and open.

Big thanks #Kamuibrand and also all og you out there reading my posts and sending med comments. I really appreciate it:)



Finally I am on my way to a tournament again! My last international tournament was when this all starteed, Treviso in february 2020. I have played a few local tournaments, but nothing since october 2020. So, I am all fired up, ready to play!

I have spent the last year trying to keep my menatl game up. I have been able to practice so I am luckier than most, but not being in a tournament mode for a log time does soemthing to you mindset. I did get a new job, finding new challenges to deal with that way, but it is not quite the same. Sadly my elbow is still making trouble, the infection is not yet gone. That means modified breakshots and being accurate with all angles to not stress it too much, but that is just another challenge and mindset. I feel up for it!

Can’t wait to meet all my friends and feel the atmosphere, not being able to compete for so long makes me realise how much I love it!

Mats Schjetne, Emil Andre Gangfløt and Albert Stensrød is playing today already, good luck!

As always you can find draw, livescore and livestream here:

The best livestream, covering all 24 tables:

Free live matches on EPBFs faceebookpage

I also have to say THANK YOU to KAMUI for your continued support, I really appreciate it! OB cues and I have parted, but I thank you for the support you did give me for several years.

So new season, new era, onwards and upwards!

Thanks for reading!