Game over

June 15, 2019

Not a good day, could not settle down. I played well for short periods of time and then just lost it. I guess it’s a focus problem. Ohwell, nothing I can do about now. Back to the practice table and prepare for the next one.

Onwards and upwards!


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On my way to eurotour stop number 2! We are going to the beautiful Alpina Sporthotel, up in the Alps:)

We are just under 50 participants this time and we start tomorrow. The open division started yesterday, in total we are about 240 athletes so it’s a big event.

Click for: Draw, results and livescore Women

Click for: Draw, results and livescore Open

Click for: Livestream from 24 tables

There will be at least two matches a day live for free on the EPBF facebok page.

Updates will come, thanks for the support!

And thanks to my sponsors Kamui, OB cues and my federation


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My new Kamui gear and my OB-2 CARBON shaft arrived today! New tips installed, fresh glove ready and now: playing around with the new shaft:)

I will let you know how I like it in a few days. What I can say already is that it plays different from the Revo. One is that it is appp 11.9 mm, the other is that it does not sound and feel so hard.

I have the best sponsors!

Thank you #KAMUIBRAND and #OBCUES!


9th place 10-ball

May 1, 2019


Jasmin Ouschan came from the loosers side and that was my draw. I started of with some mistakes, but played better as the match went on. Jasmin did not play her best game, but good enough. I lost 6-3. So, now I will work for a few days, the General Assembly is coming up on saturday, and then 9-ball!

Thanks for the support


Draw, results and livescore


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Close matches, but won both! Ready for the single elimination tomorrow:) I am really happy with that, I have played ok but not great. Finished the day commentating with Thomas Overbeck on the EPBF facebook FREE livestream:)

Play again at 1730 tomorrow.

Thanks for the support!



#Kamui #obcues #EPBF #norgesbiljardforbund #europeampoolchampionship