Happy Birthday Norway!

May 17, 2020

Send inn din 17. mai-video til Aftenbladet

Today is our national day, the day we got our own constitution, the 17th of May 1814. This is a big day in Norway, we have several parades and everyone wears their finest clothes or national costume (Bunad). The picture shows one of the parades form my city form an earlier year. This year we have had no parades with people, but we have had car parades and boat parades. The Covid-19 situation cannot stop the Norwegians from celebrating this important day:) I hope the world goes back to normal soon, but we are all ok. We have a low number of infected, a low number of deaths and we cope, together.

Today I should have been in Tampere, Finland, for the European Championships. I am sorry the event could not take place, but when things gets impossible there is nothing much we can do. I hope all of my friends in the world are doing ok. I miss you all and I miss travelling and tournaments, but the most important thing is for all to stay safe and healthy.

Crossing my fingers we will all get through this and that we meet soon!

Take care everyone:)


Strange times

April 17, 2020

So, after I came home from the Eurotour in Italy the world pretty much went upside down! After a few days I had to close the pool hall, all sports activities had to stop immediately. All tournaments cancelled and social distancing. You know the drill:)

I am missing the tournaments, but at least I have the possibility to practice. Not all you guys have that and I feel really lucky. This time out has given me the opportunity to get used to my new jumpcue and breakcue, Fury CFX-2 CarbonBreak and Carbon Jump Cue with the same design. Both cues are great, but took some getting used to:) The cues will be in my shop soon and the break cue is also available from Dynamic:)

Now all we can do is to wait for the world to go back to normal. Hopefully the European Championships Youth and Eurotour will go as planned in Petrich, Bulgaria, in July. Our Eurotour stop in St Johann, Austria, is moved to October and the the European Championships Men, Women and Wheelchair that was supposed to be in Tampere, Finland, is moved to Turkey in November and will be held together with Seniors and Ladies. We will also have the Eurotour for both Men and Women after teh EC. The EPBF sportscalendar is full of postponed and moved tournaments, take a look so you know what is going on:


I am also finding time to work on my new webshop. Hopefully I can launch that soon. I will also launch some new brands in the shop, that will be exciting:)

I leave you with one of my favorite episodes of “Your Average Pool Player”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOctfGqCJRc

Vegar Kristiansen tought me this (too) many years ago, I use this one way or the other almost every match. Remember to always check the table!

Thank you for reading and stay healthy:)



Eurotour Treviso Open

February 20, 2020

The first Eurotour of the year starts today in Treviso. I will arrive friday for the Women’s Eurotour. More information on that will follow:)

EPBF has got new updated websites and from now on all tournament information will be in the same place including livescore. The livestream will still be on kozoom.com! Click on the picture to find the Eurotour information.

From Norway the full team selected for the European Championships in Tampere is attending, Mats Schjetne, Ole Kristian Rudshavn, Emil Andre Ganfløt and Ole Tobias Gangfløt. On top of this we have Albert Stensrød, a promising junior. This means that we have three U19 players and one U23 player in our Norwegian delegation. I can’t wait to see what they can do, the future looks bright!

Good luck everyone!




Photo by Norwegian Billiard Federation

On my way home from Oslo with a trophy:) I ended yesterday great, pulling myself together to win the looser qualification 6-0. I started really good today also and won the quarterfinals final against Jessika Nilsson (SWE) 6-3, playing really well. Unfortunately it stopped in the semifinals against Louise Furberg (SWE) where I lost 2-6. Louise was stopped by young European 9-ball champion Girls, My Nguyen (SWE). Big congrats My!

Congrats also to Mats Schjetne, Nordic Champion 2020 Mens division!

Thanks for a great weekend and thank you for reading



Nordic Championships 10-ball

January 31, 2020


First big tournament of 2020 is the Nordic Championships 10-ball in Oslo, Norway. All the best players from the Nordic Countries will be there, both men and women. This will be fun:)

In the women’s tournament we have a tough field with Line Kjørsvik (NOR), Louise Furberg (SWE), Monika Magreta (SWE), Helena Benjamin (SWE), Nina Torvund (NOR) and many many more including the Finnish women. In the men’s we have Mats Schjetne, Marcus Chamat (SWE) and Petri Makkonen among others. Everything points to a super weekend of 10-ball!

Make sure to follow us, you find draw, results and links to livestream on cuescore.com


I am fortunate enough to have KAMUI in my corner, thank you so much for believing in me and include me in your Quest for excellence this year also.

This will be the first big tournament where I play with my new Predator Revo 12.4, thank you Predator for letting me have a go:) And thank you OB cues, my break cue is awesome with the Shockwave shaft!

Thanks for reading and wish me luck!