The EC already started for the seniors, but the Ladies start today with 10-ball at 16:30. The draw is made and I will play against Severine Titaux (FRA).

I am defending my title from 2018, I will give it all I have!

As usual you can follow the action online:
Draw,  results, info and LIVESCORE:
Livestream of all 24 tables:

Thank you all for the continued support and also thanks to my sponsors and the organizers of this great event!

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Let’s have some fun!




Sorry for the delay, it got a bit busy here preparing for the EC Seniors & Ladies:)

I lost my match against Melanie Sussenguth (GER), but won the LQ sunday morning against Kim Witzel (GER), but then lost in the single elimination against Tina Vogelmann (GER). Melanie went on to get second place and Tina third, so well done girls. Jasmin Ouschan won after a well played tournament, big congrats!.

It was so nice to see some of the old players again, I do hope we can keep the number sup, 59 entrants is very good. The tour is growing and hopefully in the future we can stabilize on these high numbers so we can grow even more. This is the way to get more sponsors and media, which is what we aim for. 

Now I am moving on to the European Championships Seniros & Ladies, my first match is tomorrow. I will post more when I have the draw.

Thank you for reading and for the support!

Extra thanks to #Kamuibrand #OBcues #Norgesbiljardforbund #EPBF


WQ tonight at 21:30

August 3, 2019


It has been a bumpy road today, but somehow I won both my first matches and play the WQ at 21:30 tonight against Melanie Sussenguth (GER). I never found any rhythm and was feeling a bit strange, but I was able to get a few  good shots in at least. It can only get better, looking forward to play again later today. I will now get some rest in so I can actually shoot at 21:30:)

Onwards and upwards!

Thanks for the support evevryone:)


Predator Veldhoven Open

August 2, 2019


Veldhoven next! I am on my way to the Eurotour stop 3 in Veldhoven, Netherlands. The Open division started yesterday already, but the women start tomorrow. We are currently on 59 entrants, which is really good. After the Eurotour the EC Seniors & Ladies start on tuesday so this will be a long trip filled with pool:)

As always you can follow the action on AND find the best livestream on! All 24 tables are streamed and there will be free feature matches every day on EPBFs facebook page.

I will post the links for the EC after the weekend.

Thank for reading and the support and off course thanks to my sponsors!



Game over

June 15, 2019

Not a good day, could not settle down. I played well for short periods of time and then just lost it. I guess it’s a focus problem. Ohwell, nothing I can do about now. Back to the practice table and prepare for the next one.

Onwards and upwards!


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