I am in Oslo to play womens and open division Norwegian Championships 9-ball. I already played a match in each division and have won both. Play again at 0900 tomorrow in the open and WQ in womens some time during the day.

Oslo biljardsenter has 4 streamed tables, you will find them in the brackets on cuescore.

Women: https://cuescore.com/tournament/NM+Kvinner/2024955


We are 5 athletes from Svithun Biljardklubb here this weekend, Fredrik Førde, Jone Ree Skjelbred, Geir Fosse and Petter Mosbakk.

Wish us luck and thanks for the support:)


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Ok, so my goal was top ten. Close, but still short. That just means I have to work even harder next year.

That means bringing my A game, which I absolutely did not do yesterday against Zlateva. I struggle in the morning matches, not sure how to deal with that, but I will try my best to find a solution.

I have one more tournament this uear, that is the Norwegian Championships in 9-ball 7-9 december.

Thanks for the support:)


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Single eliminstion

November 17, 2018

Won my match against Claudia Sturm 7-2 and then Monica Zabek 7-6 after struggling a bit. Hoping to bring my A game tomorrow at 0900, I play against Kristina Zlateva:)

Onwards and upwards! Thanks for reading:)


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Last stop of 2018, we are in the BHR Hotel just outside of Treviso, Italy. Nice weather, nice venue and nice people… this should be a great tournament!

I start at 1230 against first timer Claudia Sturm from Austria. Good to see new players!

As always full information, draw and livescore can be found on womeneurotouronline.com and livestream of ALL tables on kozoom.com. If you find EPBF on facebook you will even get some matches streamed free:)

Wish me luck and thanks for reading!


#Kamui #obcues #EPBF #womeneurotour

Nice view to start the day:)


October 27, 2018

In Gjøvik/Raufoss, ready for Norgescup:) I start at 10 in the morning.

Draw and results: https://cuescore.com/tournament/NC6+Elite/2024939

Livestream: http://www.echno.net/grbklive/index.php

Wish me luck!


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