A new partner, Longoni!

November 24, 2022

Yesterday I spent my day visiting Longoni and receiving my new playing cue. I am super excited about this, Longoni is one of the few Europe made cues and the craftsmanship is incredible. The details are just beyond belief!

Toady I have been practicing for the Eurotour here in Italy, and it also plays superb, I can not ask for more.

Thank you Pierluigi Longoni for your trust, I am proud to represent Longoni!

Tomorrow the tournament starts, this will be fun


PS; click the logos for more information


European Champion 9 ball!

October 17, 2022

Sorry I went quiet, I did have some problems in the beginning of the EC. Both in 8-ball and 10-ball I went two and out, really struggling with my neck, arm and also catching everything happening around me. You guys know what I mean:)

In 9-ball I finally found some rhythm and in the end I won all my matches to lift the trophy! Thank you all for the support, I feel really blessed to have so many people in my corner. Congrats to all medal winners!

The closing banquette was a blast, we really are one big pool family!

Link to the official newsleetter form EPBF: https://www.epbf.com/news/article/148/diaz-pizarro-helvik-are-ec-9-ball-champs/

Thank you to #Kamuibrand and #Norgesbiljardforbund for the extra support and thank you #EPBF for a great event in a beautiful place. The Thermana Park hotel in Lasko is worth a visit:)


Finally ready for the first match in EC Ladies here in the beautiful hotel Thermana in Lasko, Slovenia:) The Seniors has been playing straightpool today and we start the 10-ball at 0900 tomorrow morning.

Team Norway is Bjørn Erik Bergh, Geir Holmqvist, Jørgen Nilsen and Henrik Hagen and myself. Bjørn Erik is still in the straightpool, playing last 16, fingers crossed!

My first match is against Melissa Rademakers (NED), let the games begin!

Thank you Kamui and Norges Biljardforbund for the support!

All information, livescores and draws are here:

Livestream: kozoom.com (all 27 tables streamed)


My game was not bad, but I was not able to control my emotions in the end. I had two 5-7 losses, first against Ina Kaplan, then Diana Stateczny. Both very capable players, but I still have the feeling I lost, not that they won. Note to self: work more on controlling emotions.

Today I will be in the audience and chear for my teammates, starting with Nina:). Goooo Norway!

In a week I play EC Ladies, looking forward to that. Thanks for reading and for the support.

Special thanks to #Kamui and #NorgesBiljardforbund for the support, and #EPBF for the grat tournament


Nina in LQ for the last 16
Last Eurotour for women this season, here we go!

Play against Ina Kaplan (GER) at 1030 tomorrow, can’t wait to get started.

As usual you find the draw and results here: https://www.epbf.com/tournaments/eurotour-women/draw-results/

And the best livestream on kozoom.com. All 27 tables are streamed!

Venue, Trililje Sportshall

Let’s have som fun!


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