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First official local ranking tournament of the season, RT 1 Division 1 Sør, has started! We have 7 local ranking tournaments from now until next summer plus division championship (DM) and 4 Norwegian Championships (NM) that are counted on the ranking. In these tournaments we have mixed class so men and women play together. This time we play 10-ball, we will play all diciplines before the end of the season.

Draw and results can be found here:

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European Champion 9-ball!

August 13, 2019


Finally!!! After a week struggling with my game I actually played well! At least most of the time:) I won 6-4 against Karin Michl (GER) in the semifinals and Susanne Wessel (GER) with 6-3 in the finals. My good friend Ann-Sofie Löfgren (SWE) won a bronze after a good match against Nicole Kaldewey (GER) in the LQ.

This has been a great week, working, playing and hanging out with some terrific people. Team Norway Billiards concisting of Didrik Vatne, Espen Andersen, Henrik Hagen and Jørgen Nilsen also did well, we have a total of 4 bronze and 1 gold, not bad:) Team Sweden has also been a big support:) THANK YOU ALL FOR A GREAT WEEK!

As a board member in the EPBF I can proudly say I think this was a great championship. Everyone has done a great job, I have only gotten positive feedback all week. Nice!

Thanks for all messages and suppport from all of you following, I really appreciate it!

Next big tournament is Eurotour in Klagenfurt in october and my first ranking tournament in Norway just 1,5 week away. Letˋs go!

Onwards and upwards!




Semifinals 9-ball!

August 12, 2019


Playing against good friends is always difficult, and the match against Ann-Sofie was surely that. We both made some mistakes, not a very good match, but I managed to win 6-4 in the end. Semifinals tomorrow at 1300!

The weather turns quickly here in Veldhoven, as you see form the picture the rain is pouring down accompanied by thunder and lightning !

Now, back in to support my teammate Didrik Vatne who just qualified for the last 32 in the Seniors division. Goooo Norway!

As usual you can follow the action online:
Draw,  results, info and LIVESCORE:
Livestream of all 24 tables:

There will also be free featured matches on EPBFs facebookpage

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Update so far

August 12, 2019

8-ball was difficult this year also. I lost to Anja Hehre (GER), who went on to win, and Cristina Moscetti (ITA)who won silver. 7th place for me, back to the practice table.

9-ball has started ok, I did win my match against Panula Tuulina (FIN) and play WQ at 1415 against my good friend Ann-Sofie Löfgren (SWE).

First, relaxing a little in the sun by the pond:)

Won my first match yesterday, play again now against Panula Tuulina from Finland.

Onwards and upwards!

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