The Eurotour has started and I am not there this time. It is really strange, I have not missed a tournament for years, but with the restrictions we have in Norway it is not possible for me at the moment. The good news is that I finally got my appointment for the first vaccine shot so next time I will be there for sure!

I am off course following both events online, watching kozoom and wanting to play. St Johann is my favorite stop, the Sports Hotel Alpina with it’s beautiful view and the venue is always spotless.

I must say I am really happy that the EPBF managed to hold this event, it means we are mowing towards normality. I can’t complain, my family and I are healthy, I have my own pool table to practice, I got a new job and I am generally ok. But I must say I miss all my pool playing friends and the competition itself! As you all know it’s an addiction:)

So, I want to take this opportunity to say that from here on and out I will not miss more tournaments and sincerely thank Kamui for still supporting me. It says something when a company is willing to still support players even when they can not be at the tournaments and promote the products.

Also, remember you can follow the action on EPBF.COM and watch the livestream on KOZOOM.COM (and some free featured matches on EPBFS page on facebook)

Good luck to all the players in these two final days! And the EPBF and IBP with staff that make this possible.

Onwards and upwards!

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I have had the new Kamui Prototype chalk for a few of weeks now and I just love it! I have used it continuously after I received it and I can not find anything wrong with it. I was afraid that the dryer composition would result in more miscues, but no. It leaves hardly any residue on the cue ball and cloth, and it is holding to the tip very well. It actually leaves less residue than the Taom chalk, I am impressed!

I have also used the break sheet and it does exactly what it is supposed to do. Protect the cloth and not interfere with the shot.

I have started to prepare for the upcoming EPBF 40 year Jubilee EC in Veldhoven, Netherlands, so this prototype chalk came just in time. As I understand it will launch in July and this is one item I can recommend highly. I have already made an order so if you are interested, let me know and I will put you on the list:)

Thank you Kamui! And thanks for reading:)


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Women Dutch Open

August 11, 2017

Ready for my next challenge! I was two and out in the open division, but it was good practice before my main event tomorrow. I play Ana Gradisnik at 0900 and I will try my best to perform well. We have a full field of 64 players, which promise good for the tour future, but means busy days:)

Follow the tournament on #womeneurotouronline and watch the best livestream on #kozoom

Thanks to #kamuibrand and #obcues

And thanks for reading!

Onwards and upwards


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Hei! (Sorry guys, all norwegian)

Jeg skjønner at ikke alle har fått med seg at jeg er offisiell Kamui leverandør i tillegg til å være så heldig at jeg er sponset av dem. Jeg har som mange vet min biljardbutikk på og alt som har med tupper, køer, duk, kulesett og så videre drives gjennom mitt enkeltpersonsforetak Ine Helvik (orgnr 984 302 827). Siden mange ikke vet at jeg er leverandør av Kamui produkter er det nok flere ting som har gått folk hus forbi. Jeg er jo ikke den flinkeste til å markedsføre hva jeg driver med utenom biljardspillingen heller, så jeg tenker at NÅ er tiden inne for å skrive noen linjer:)

Jeg har altså butikken min der jeg selger alt mulig av utstyr og det som ikke står der kan jeg helt sikkert få tak i til en god pris allikevel. Det er bare å spørre.

Jeg er offisiell leverandør for:
OB Cues
Saluc (Aramith kulesett)
Simonis duk
Restaldi (kommer snart med flere bord)

I tillegg har jeg svært gode leverandører i Europa som Veith, Van Ooy, Longoni (Norditalia) og i Usa gjennom Cuestix og Tweetens

Dette gjør altså at jeg får tak i det meste og at jeg kan sende klubbene tilbud på utstyr.

I tillegg kan jeg tilby alle som driver med videresalg eller tjenester som tuppskifte OG klubber tupper og utstyr til andre priser enn det som står i butikken min når det kjøpes litt større kvanta.

Ta kontakt hvis dere trenger noe:) Send meg en epost på

Ha en fin sommer alle sammen!


OB Cues
Van Ooy
Saluc (Aramith)







My new cue has arrived!

July 18, 2017

Finally! I have waited for this cue for a long time. This was my birthday present (my birthday was in january) and I am super excited to finally have it!

Actually there are two new cues, the playing cue that is a OB RB-1 limited edition (only 100 made) and the OB Rift in Black. I love my new set of cues and I have been practicing diligently every day and will continue to do so until I leave for 3 weeks of European Championships and Euro tour in the beginning of august.

I feel very lucky and humbled to say that I get the best from the best, alongside OB Cues I have KAMUI that provides me with the best accessories I could think of. The Digicue is a great training device and paired with the Kamui Diamond Slicer on my Dynamic Table, I get the best preparation I can possibly get for my tournaments and also for my personal improvement.

I will keep posting throughout the EC youth, you will see Kamui on every Team Norway player! I will introduce them to you when I am in Leende, and keep you posted on their development in the tournament. I am there on behalf of the EPBF during the EC Youth, but I will keep an eye on my young Team Mates:)

After the EC Youth we have an Eurotour and then it is the EC Seniors & Ladies where I will play in the Ladies event for the first time.

Exciting three weeks ahead! Hopefully they result in medals both for the Youth and us oldies:)

Please let me know if I can provide you with anything or something from Kamui and OB Cues! If there is something I do not have in stock, I will get it for you:)

Thanks for reading!


PS; check out the new video from Kamui

Also check out the KAMUI website and the OB Cues website! And mine off course, remember to send me an email if you want to order something or have questions.