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November 5, 2015


What a day. I really didn’t play bad, I just got beaten. That’s it. My second match was againsr Wu Jing ( CHN )  and even though the score 2-7 does not say the whole truth, I got beaten.

Now I am going to watch great pool and be a tourist for a few days. Sadly Line is also done, along with several top players from Europe like Caroline Roos,  Sandra Baumgartner  and Ana Mazhirina. The conditions makes problem for a lot of people.

I will post some more  pictures when I come home,  internett is a little shaky here.

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Here we go!

October 23, 2015

20151022_194616The CBSA cloth is ready, the new cueball has arrived, visa is ok, flights and hotel booked… The 2015 Women’s World 9-Ball Championship is closing in!

I will spend my last week doing drills on the table and play a lot. The cloth behaves different from my normal cloth and so do the balls. Also the change in color needs a little getting used to:)

But I am so happy to have this opportunity to practice with the cloth and balls before I come to China. There are so many elements that affect your game while you are there, so elimination of variables is very important.

I will arrive in Guilin three days before the tournament starts so the jet-lag will be fixed by then. I will spend those days practicing if possible and just enjoy the scenery. Guilin is a very beautiful place and there are plenty of things to see.

If I have access to wordpress and facebook you will get updates from me, if not you will find all information My good friend Alison always gets the information out somehow, thank you Alison:)

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Livescore and draw

October 16, 2014

I finally got some information links for you!



Draw double elimination:


Also, Ted Lerner is Publishing stories on

Getting ready for my match now, wish me Luck!



Yesterday we had the opening ceremony and draw. First there was a small press conference,  then dinner and then they shipped us of in a bus. The opening ceremony was held in a big sport venue with red carpet and a lot of security. We got numbered and lined up, and then without warning we were sent out on a big stage with more than 2000 spectators and live tv show… They had several performances and also the number one singer in China. Security was massive…I will post pictures of this later:)


Around 2215 we were finally ready for the draw. We all went up and drew our own numbers and this is the result (courtesy of Ted Lerner):




Play begins 1PM(GMT +8)Wednesday, October 15 at the Guilin Gym in Guilin, China.


Race to 7, Alternate Break


Round Robin in the groups . 4 players in each group will go through to the Final 32, straight knockout.


Group A

Han Yu(CHN) vs. Chen Xue(CHN)

Gao Meng(CHN) vs. Park Eun Ji(KOR)

Chezka Centeno(PHL) vs. Yang Fan(CHN)

Katarzyna Wesolowska(POL) vs. Fu Xiaofang(CHN)


Group B

Allison Fisher(GBR) vs. Sara Miller(USA)

Jennifer Barretta(USA) vs. Jung Bo Ra(KOR)

Charlene Chai Zeet Huey(SIN) vs. Adriana Villar(CRC)

Wang Xiao Tong(CHN) vs. Chou Chieh Yu(TPE)


Group C

Liu Shasha(CHN) vs. Kuo Azu Tinh(TPE)

Li Yun(CHN) vs. TBA

Neena Praveen(IND) vs. Joanne Ashton(CAN)

Karen Corr(GBR) vs. Cha Yu Ram(KOR)


Group D

Tan Ho Yun(TPE) vs. Ine Helvik(NOR)

Miyuki Kuribayashi(JPN) vs. Caroline Roos(SWE)

Wu Zhi Ting(TPE) vs. Ina Kaplan(GER)

Chen Siming(CHN) vs. Iris Ranola(PHL)


Group E

Rubilen Amit(PHL) vs. Suniti Damani(IND)

Hoe Shu Wan(SIN) vs. Line Kjorsvik(NOR)

Maureen Soto(CAN) vs. Masami Nouchi(JPN)

Akimi Kajatani(JPN) vs. TBA


Group F

Pan Xiaoting(CHN) vs. Li Pei Rong(TPE)

Angeline Magdalena Ticaolu(INA) vs. Amanda Rahayu(INA)

Kamila Khodjiaeva(BEL) vs. Liu Shin Mei(TPE)

Kristina Schagan(GER) vs. Kim Ga Young(KOR)


Group G

Tsai Pei Chen(TPE) vs. Brittany Bryant(CAN)

Jasmin Michel(GER) vs. Erin Mcmanus(USA)

Zhou Doudou(CHN) vs. Monica Webb(USA)

Wei Tzu-Chien(TPE) vs. Lin Yuan-Chun(TPE)


Group H

Wu Jing(CHN) vs. Denise Wilkinson(NZL)

Jiang Teng(CHN) vs. Bolfelli Barbara(ITA)

Jasmin Ouschan(AUT) vs. Chichiro Kawahara(JPN)

Kelly Fisher(GBR) vs. Jeanette Lee(USA)


So my first match is at 1500 against a seeded player, Tan from Taiwan. Can’t wait to play!


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amwayI have already said this, but I say it again. Amway Cup is a big deal over here! We have never had so many tv cameras present, I counted around 20. Apparently the two guys announcing us at the press conference are very famous here in Taiwan….


My group. From left: Pan Xiaoting, Rubilen Amit, Lin Hsiao-Chi, myself, Wu Jing


The players, the officials and the sponsors

After the press conference we went to Mr Tu’s poolhall to get some shots in. We do not have any practice time in the venue before tomorrow. I start my first of three matches tomorrow at 1210 local time. playing against Rubilen.

We play winners break race to 7, Wish me luck!



At the press conference

Signing posters and magazines

Yesterday, after bein spray painted with make up and having fake eye lashes. I also feel like I have got a wig, not my hair… Photo shoots are hard work!


Here is Lyndall undergoing the spraypainting:)


From yesterday, Dinner at Din Tai Fung with Lyndall Hulley and Alison Chang:)