Here we go!

October 23, 2015

20151022_194616The CBSA cloth is ready, the new cueball has arrived, visa is ok, flights and hotel booked… The 2015 Women’s World 9-Ball Championship is closing in!

I will spend my last week doing drills on the table and play a lot. The cloth behaves different from my normal cloth and so do the balls. Also the change in color needs a little getting used to:)

But I am so happy to have this opportunity to practice with the cloth and balls before I come to China. There are so many elements that affect your game while you are there, so elimination of variables is very important.

I will arrive in Guilin three days before the tournament starts so the jet-lag will be fixed by then. I will spend those days practicing if possible and just enjoy the scenery. Guilin is a very beautiful place and there are plenty of things to see.

If I have access to wordpress and facebook you will get updates from me, if not you will find all information My good friend Alison always gets the information out somehow, thank you Alison:)

Thanks for reading!