Austria Women’s Open, Eurotour stop 3!

May 18, 2017

Tomorrow morning I leave for the third eurotour stop in St Johann Im Pongau in Austria. The venue and hotel, Sportshotel Alpina, is superb and I am really looking forward to visit them again. I start to play saturday morning, the draw will be ready tomorrow afternoon. My teammates Mats Schjetne and Thomas Fjæran are already there and play today at 1330.

I am really looking forward to play, I have spent the last weeks practicing on my Dynamic table with the Tournament balls. Since we have 1 on spot on the break in Norway, I have focused on my break shot and I think I finally found a consistent way of hitting the balls with 9 on the spot. The break shot is one of the most important shots in 9-ball and this break requires a very different hit than with 1 on the spot so it really needs to be practiced.

If you want to follow the tournament you find all information and draw / livescore on the

Livestream is done by the best:

The mens division is on

Thanks to my sponsors #Kamuibrand #OBCues and offcourse Norges BiljardforbundSvithun Biljardklubb and Ines Biljardbutikk.

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  1. PapaGuru said

    Veni Vidi Vici…..:-)

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