October 30, 2013

Finally, it is time for playing! The draw is done and I assume it will be posted on http://womensworld10ball.com/index.html soon.

My group is:

Liu Shasha (CHN)
A. Kajitani (JPN)
S. Ayala (ARG)
E J. Park (KOR)
R. Wagner (USA)
Ine Helvik (NOR)

I play two matches tomorrow, first at 11 am against S. Ayala (ARG), then again at 3:30 pm against R. Wagner (USA)

Today Marika and I went practicing in a bowling-hall, it was actually quite good. It was very noisy so we got some practice in playing among people also, which we need. We do not have many tournaments in malls and it is very different to have all the people talking around you. We also had the opening ceremony and press conference and at last we got some practice time on the tables!  It has been a good day and tomorrow hopefully even better:)

Christmas is just around the corner, or so it seem:) e now have a Christmas tree in the lobby and Christmas carols during breakfast. They sure know how to build up the expectations. It is a bit early for me still, it is two months away! Everybody else seem to enjoy it tough:)

Now, time for bed


Ps, sorry there is no pictures, the internett is not stable enough to upload anything today. Hope it is better tomorrow:)



Manila closing in:)

October 22, 2013

Image The fifth World 10-ball Championships are closing in, Sunday I leave for Manila. I can feel the excitement and I look forward to meeting my friends again. I have been practising a lot the last few weeks and I will continue to practise until Sunday.

The championship website is now updated with all players from the regular quota, all we miss are the qualifiers and organizers spots. This will be a great tournament!

We start playing on Thursday 31st and as soon as I get more information I will make sure to post it:)

Official website: http://www.womensworld10ball.com/index.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/womensworld10ball

WPA: http://www.wpa-pool.com/web/index.asp?id=25&pagetype=event_details&eventid=163


5th in Sweden

July 20, 2013

I ended 5th in Sweden after loosing 7-8 for Caroline Roos (SWE). I played really well the whole tournament but failed in the end of the quarterfinal match. Thats life:) I advanced on the European ranking though so overall I am happy:)

Jasmin Ouschan (AUT) won the tournament.

Next tournament is World Championship 9-ball in Shenyang,  China, starting august 9th. But first, a small break at ny family’s summer house:)


Have a great summer all!