5th in Sweden

July 20, 2013

I ended 5th in Sweden after loosing 7-8 for Caroline Roos (SWE). I played really well the whole tournament but failed in the end of the quarterfinal match. Thats life:) I advanced on the European ranking though so overall I am happy:)

Jasmin Ouschan (AUT) won the tournament.

Next tournament is World Championship 9-ball in Shenyang,  China, starting august 9th. But first, a small break at ny family’s summer house:)


Have a great summer all!




In Stockholm getting ready for eurotour no 4 this year, the Swedish 10-ball open. The tournament is played in Jolo & Co,  one of the best poolhalls in Europe:) There are both mens and womens dovosion and the womens division is also a eurotour.

I play tomorrow morning at 10 against a young girls from Denmark, Silje Helene Munk.

We are three participants from our club, Fredrik Førde and Jone Ree Skjelbred is playing today in the mens division. Also, we are four women from Norway in the womens division, Martine Christiansen, June Therese Håndstad and Mikayla Kibsgaard.

Draw and results in both divisions is HERE

Have e good poolweekend everyone:)


A good weekend:)

June 3, 2013


This has been a good weekend:) First the appearance on the OB cues pro list on friday and then winning the ranking tournament (mixed class) undefeated.  I am now ranked no 2 in my region, only 20 points behind the leader with one less tournament played (I got 250 points for my win)

Hope the luck will last a little longer, I am hoping my 7th place in the European ranking will be enough for a spot in the WC 9-ball i China. There are not many spots and way to many serious players in Europe for the moment:) Good for Europe, I think we are moving in the right direction when it comes to women playing pool. We are currently 150 players that have participated in the Eurotour.

Anyway, updates will come whether or not I get a spot. My next tournament is the Swedish 10-ball Open in Stockholm in July. Loooking forward to that, it is a great tournament with both a womens and a mens divison, played in one of the best poolhalls in Europe:) Information HERE

Now I am going to enjoy the sun mixed with some work.


Balazzo women eurotour

May 24, 2013


On my way to Austria. Looking forward to a weekend with 9-ball. Draw will be made tonight and you can find that on eurotourwomenonline.eu

Live Stream on kozoom.com

There are a total of 13 norwegians in st Johann. 11 in the mens division and Martine and I in the womens division.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Ardennen Cup

May 17, 2013


OK, new tournament, new chances:) I am now in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg, playing the Ardennen cup. Today I have played the mens event, tomorrow I will play the teams and sunday the most important: Eurotour for women!

Today I have played the mens divison, and I got 4 matches in before I lost. Good practice and tomorrow it is the teams competition with Fredrik Førde and Jone Ree Skjelbred. Our name is Norway and you can find results HERE from 14:00 tomorrow.

Sunday we are 71 players and you can find results both on eurotourwomenonline.eu and on the link above. So far I am seeded no 7 and will probably get a wo in the first round. Updates and pictures will come!