A good weekend:)

June 3, 2013


This has been a good weekend:) First the appearance on the OB cues pro list on friday and then winning the ranking tournament (mixed class) undefeated.  I am now ranked no 2 in my region, only 20 points behind the leader with one less tournament played (I got 250 points for my win)

Hope the luck will last a little longer, I am hoping my 7th place in the European ranking will be enough for a spot in the WC 9-ball i China. There are not many spots and way to many serious players in Europe for the moment:) Good for Europe, I think we are moving in the right direction when it comes to women playing pool. We are currently 150 players that have participated in the Eurotour.

Anyway, updates will come whether or not I get a spot. My next tournament is the Swedish 10-ball Open in Stockholm in July. Loooking forward to that, it is a great tournament with both a womens and a mens divison, played in one of the best poolhalls in Europe:) Information HERE

Now I am going to enjoy the sun mixed with some work.



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