Amway eSpring Cup Pressconference

February 26, 2014

amwayI have already said this, but I say it again. Amway Cup is a big deal over here! We have never had so many tv cameras present, I counted around 20. Apparently the two guys announcing us at the press conference are very famous here in Taiwan….


My group. From left: Pan Xiaoting, Rubilen Amit, Lin Hsiao-Chi, myself, Wu Jing


The players, the officials and the sponsors

After the press conference we went to Mr Tu’s poolhall to get some shots in. We do not have any practice time in the venue before tomorrow. I start my first of three matches tomorrow at 1210 local time. playing against Rubilen.

We play winners break race to 7, Wish me luck!



At the press conference

Signing posters and magazines

Yesterday, after bein spray painted with make up and having fake eye lashes. I also feel like I have got a wig, not my hair… Photo shoots are hard work!


Here is Lyndall undergoing the spraypainting:)


From yesterday, Dinner at Din Tai Fung with Lyndall Hulley and Alison Chang:)


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