Women’s World 9-ball Championships 2014 with players list

September 29, 2014

Departure is closing in, this time we play in Guilin China, from 15th -18th of october. This is the first year in Guilin and we are all looking forward to explore what is said to be one of the most beautiful landscapes in China. My visa is ok, the flights are booked and good, the hotel booked, the Cyclop balls on the practice table, all in all I am getting ready to go:)

Alison Chang has been kind enough to send me the players list, she will post it on her blog later. (She is having some technical problems today). Team Europe is looking good:) Also I have read up on the chinese website, www.nineball.com.cn, and see we are playing with 1 on the spot, three point rule and 45 sec shot-clock. Good to know:)

Here is the players list:

A - 2014 Womens WC 9-ball Players list

Players list by Alison Chang

Alisons blog:
Taiwanese Passion for Pool
E-mail: admin@alison-chang.com

China, her we come!



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