Happy Birthday Norway!

May 17, 2020

Send inn din 17. mai-video til Aftenbladet

Today is our national day, the day we got our own constitution, the 17th of May 1814. This is a big day in Norway, we have several parades and everyone wears their finest clothes or national costume (Bunad). The picture shows one of the parades form my city form an earlier year. This year we have had no parades with people, but we have had car parades and boat parades. The Covid-19 situation cannot stop the Norwegians from celebrating this important day:) I hope the world goes back to normal soon, but we are all ok. We have a low number of infected, a low number of deaths and we cope, together.

Today I should have been in Tampere, Finland, for the European Championships. I am sorry the event could not take place, but when things gets impossible there is nothing much we can do. I hope all of my friends in the world are doing ok. I miss you all and I miss travelling and tournaments, but the most important thing is for all to stay safe and healthy.

Crossing my fingers we will all get through this and that we meet soon!

Take care everyone:)



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