Eurotour Treviso Open

February 20, 2020

The first Eurotour of the year starts today in Treviso. I will arrive friday for the Women’s Eurotour. More information on that will follow:)

EPBF has got new updated websites and from now on all tournament information will be in the same place including livescore. The livestream will still be on! Click on the picture to find the Eurotour information.

From Norway the full team selected for the European Championships in Tampere is attending, Mats Schjetne, Ole Kristian Rudshavn, Emil Andre Ganfløt and Ole Tobias Gangfløt. On top of this we have Albert Stensrød, a promising junior. This means that we have three U19 players and one U23 player in our Norwegian delegation. I can’t wait to see what they can do, the future looks bright!

Good luck everyone!





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