Too early for me..

November 9, 2019

Ohwell. I tried. I struggle a little with 0900 matches and when they become 0700 matches it doesn’t help. We are 2 hours off my normal time and getting up at 0500 don’t work for me as this match sadly proved. I lost 1-7 against Kamilla Khodjaeva feeling a bit helpless.

For those of you that are morning birds, this may sound strange. For those of you that are not, it will make perfect sense. I feel really hungover. I have slept 7 hours, but I just don’t cope with getting up that early. I have no idea how to fix it🙈

I am playing again at 1330 (1130 in Norway ) and I am going to get one more hour sleep before my match.

Onwards and upwards!



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