Semifinals 9-ball!

August 12, 2019


Playing against good friends is always difficult, and the match against Ann-Sofie was surely that. We both made some mistakes, not a very good match, but I managed to win 6-4 in the end. Semifinals tomorrow at 1300!

The weather turns quickly here in Veldhoven, as you see form the picture the rain is pouring down accompanied by thunder and lightning !

Now, back in to support my teammate Didrik Vatne who just qualified for the last 32 in the Seniors division. Goooo Norway!

As usual you can follow the action online:
Draw,  results, info and LIVESCORE:
Livestream of all 24 tables:

There will also be free featured matches on EPBFs facebookpage

Thank you for the support!


#Kamuibrand #OBcues #Norgesbiljardforbund #EPBF




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