Bronze in 10-ball… for three of us!

August 9, 2019

Premieutdeling_3I lost the WQ yesterday against Karin Michl (GER), but won the LQ against Cristina Moscetti (ITA), qualifying to the semifinals.  Sadly that was the end of my run in 10-ball, I lost 3-5 to Susanne Wessel (GER). So 10-ball ends with a bronze medal, which I am happy with:) My game has by no means been 100%.

It was a proud day for Norway though. We had Jørgen Nilsen and Didrik Vatne also winning bronze, I am so proud of them both. Not every day Norway has three people in the award ceremony!

Next: 8-ball. I start tomorrow at 0900 against Susanne Wessel.

As usual you can follow the action online:
Draw,  results, info and LIVESCORE:
Livestream of all 24 tables:

There will also be free featured matches on EPBFs facebookpage

Thank you for the support!


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