Norwegian Champion 9-ball women

December 9, 2018

All semifinalists, from left: Nina Torvund, Matias Sætre, Eirik Riisnæs, Vegar Kristiansen, Kendall Onstad, Mats Schjetne, myself and Mona Bergstø

My 24th gold came today against Nina Torvund in 9-ball. Very happy to have won all four titles in 2018:)

I have had some good and some not so good matches this weekend, it has been busy playing two tournaments at the same time, but in the end all went well. Thank you to my teammates and friends for the support during the tournament 🙂

This was my last tournament this year, looking forward to a break and also some time off.

A big thank you to my sponsors Kamui, OB cues, my federation and off course Svithun Biljardklubb.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! Ser you in 2019.

Thanks for reading and your support during the year.



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