25th in Klagenfurt, 10th place overall

October 14, 2018

A bit dissapointed with my performance in my first match against Ana Gradisnik. I lost 3-7 and never got comfortable on the table. She went on to get 2nd place though, so well done Ana! My second match I played much better, but lost 6-7 in tge end. Veronika Ivanovskaia made a super shot to finish of the match, nothing I can do about that.

Congrats to Jasmin Ouschan for winning the event!

Even though I finished 25th I moved up to 10th on the overall ranking. Being in top 10 is one of my season goals so I am happy about that:)

Next Eurotour is only a month away, in Treviso 17-18 of November.

Onwards and upwards!

Thanks for reading and the support:)


#kamuibrand #obcues #EPBF


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