European Champion 10-ball Ladies!

July 25, 2018

I am so sorry I have not had time to write something. I am actually playing in the European championships and I have been sooo busy it just slipped my mind. And then suddenly I am the European champion! I am over the moon! Can’t believe I defended my title!

Thank you for all messages, I really appreciate it. I also have to mention that Nina Torvund won the girls division, Line Kjørsvik got bronze in womens division and Emil-Andre Gangfløt got bronze in U17. 10-ball was a good discipline for Norway:)

Today I started with 8-ball and I won both my matches. WQ tomorrow at 1230. I will update better the next week, I promise!

This is the 40th jubileum EC and being the treasurer of the EPBF the first week here has been crazy. 60 tables, all livestreamed, 550 athletes in all categoriez. It is a major event and I hope you all follow it. You find all information on and livestream on

Thank you sponsors! #kamuibrand #obcues

Thank you also to #EPBF and #norgesbiljardforbund

Amd thank YOU for the support and for reading.



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