Ready for single elimination!

March 3, 2018

My game has been a little up and down. I won my first game 7-4, then lost 7-6 for Ina Kaplan after being up 6-3! Ina played really well in the end, but I had my chances to finish the game and did not take them. We then had a few hours off while the mens final was on (which Eklent Kaci won against Albin Ouschan). At 1930 I played Looser qualification against Yvonne Ullman-Hybler and started really well. I was up 5-1 and 6-2, in the end I won 7-5. So 0900 tomorrow I am ready for last 16 against Helena Benjamin.

My terrific team from Norway have supported me all day, thank you guys! I really appreciate it.

Thanks for reading:)


#Kamui #obcues #norgesbiljardforbund #epbf #eurotour


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