Women’s Eurotour Treviso Open

March 2, 2018

It’s time for the first Eurotour stop for 2018 and again we are going to the beautiful BHR Treviso Hotel. This time young player Nina Torvund is joining me from Norway and we meet up with Matias Sæthre, Kenneth Rognstad, Jan Kjetil Nordrum, Eirik Riisnæs and Thomas Fjæran who all started play yesterday.

Nina and I start tomorrow and the draw will be made later today. As always you can find the draw and livescore on womeneurotouronline.com and livestream on kozoom.com and for free on EPBF facebook page.

The guys can be followed on eurotouronline.com

Updates will follow during the weekend. Thanks for the support and for reading:)

Ine – new year, new opportunities!

#Kamui #obcues #norgesbiljardforbund #epbf #eurotour #ibp


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