Klagenfurt women’s open, day 1

October 7, 2017

I arrived late last night without my luggage off course. What a surprise😂

I went to the venue and my good friend Sjef was there with his shop Sonny’s Billiard supplies helped me out so I have played my first match with McDermott with I3 shaft. Good cue, but very different from my OB-2+, I had to go back to basic and natural angles. All english make the cue ball swerve and I loose all confidence in my hit. But, I won my match 7-6 and play the WQ at 1900. Crossing my fingers I have my cue and clean clothes by then:)

The venue looks great, we have a players lounge and food service and plenty of space for spectators. My cold is better also so all in all things are looking bright.

Onwards and upwards!


#kamuibrand #obcues #womeneurotouronline


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