Norwegian Championships 10-ball Open and Wonen

September 30, 2017

In Oslo playing the Norwegian Championships 10-ball in both Open division and women. The venue is Oslo Biljardsenter and they have a brand new Rasson table which the women got the pleasure of playing on yesterday:) Always a little tricky to play on new tables with new cloth, but I enjoyed it:) Nice looking table.

Anyway, I played one match in both tournaments yesterday and won both. My match in womens was against 13 year old Elina Louise Karlsen Storheil which I won 6-1. Nice girl with a good stroke, Kerp up the practice!

My match in open was against Sebastian Meling and I played very solid and won 8-2. Will try my best to keep it up, next match is WQ at 13:00

You can find draw, results, livescore and livestream here:



Thanks for reading!


#kamuibrand #obcues


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