The 8-ball fog…

August 20, 2017

First let me start by saying that my opponent Karin Michl played very well and handled the shot clock better than me yesterday. I was outplayed and she absolutly deserved to win. She got silver in the end, well done.

My problems yesterday was only my problems and have nothing to do with my opponent, playingconditions or the surroundings. I just struggled to get my head right and got really insecure. I kept picking the wrong balls and did not see the patterns. The shotclock added to my problem because I never got enough time to pull myself together. I call this going into thr 8-ball fog and I need time to get out… which I did not have.

It got better in the end but I decided to fix a problem instead of playing another safe and ended up sinking the 8-ball. So, loss 3-6 and 5th place in 8-ball😊

Today 9-ball starts at 1230. Looking forward to start over!

Reports will come, wish me luck.

Onwards and upwards!


#kamuibrand #obcues #kozoom #EPBF


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