Thank you Kamui:)

February 9, 2017


A little while ago I got my equipment for the year and I was super exited to get refilled for 2017. I also got my new patches, I like that they have different patches for the players that are sponsored under a contract and different colors for their importance. Kamui take our sport very serious and they have very high standards for behavior and how you as a player represent the sport. I know all the players wearing an oval silver or gold patch have the same standards and this will lift our sport to new heights in the future:)

Last week an envelope was delivered and I got this nice card wishing me a happy birthday:)


I feel privileged and honored to have such great a sponsor and I absolutely love their products. Now I can get my cues ready for my next event, the Italia Women Open 25-26 february.

Thank you Kamui, please visit to take a look at all the great stuff they have and let me know if YOU need anything:)

Thanks for reading!



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