Norwegian Champion 9-Ball Women 2016!

November 23, 2016



What a great weekend I have had. I was completely exhausted after my last match sunday, but I have played well all weekend and I am super happy!

I went through the womens divison undefeated winning 6-3 against Kendall Kibsgård, 6-4 against Nina Torvund and 6-1 against Vilde Mary Dingsøyr Holme, 6-0 against Katja Wolff and then 6-2 in the finals against Kendall Kibgsård again.

In the Open divison I also ha a great run. I started friday against Raymond Kandola and won 7-3. Saturday I lost my first match against Emil Braserud with 3-8 but found my rhythm and won 7-1 against Vegar Lind (fellow elite player), moved on to win 7-3 against Matey Ullah (former national team member, men) and 7-4 against Hasan Emre Vuar (fellow elite player) to qualify for the last 32. My last game for the day I never got into the game and lost 8-3 against Eirik Riisnæs (fellow eliteplayer) I finished 17th, happy with my game overall and with enough points to get seedet in the elite qualification. I ended up number 21 in the ranking and only top 18 are directly qualified so that meant another tournament sunday after the semifinal and final in the Womens division.

The elite qualification sunday was a tiresome affair. I started with a loss against Tron Engebakk, but managed to win against Simon Thomassen, a 13 year old talented player from the North of Norway. We played 10-ball and there was a lot of safety and also I started with some stupid mistakes letting him get up 2-0. I managed to find some kind of game and won 7-4 in the end to qualify.

So, I have had a super weekend, but I am still tired! I played a total of 13 matches over three days ( Friday 18:00 – Sunday 18:00) and a total of 23,5 hours out of 48. It is a bit too much, even when it is fun and you are winning:) I must say I got some incredible feedback from a lot of people and I really appreciate that. Thank you! And also a big thank you to Oslo Biljardsenter:)

So, now I try to take it easy before I leave for the last Eurotour of the year on Friday. Back to Treviso, Italy!

You can find all results from weekend here:
Womens division
Open Division
Elite qualification

Draw and results and Livestream for the Eurotour will be published in a new blog entry on friday:)

Thanks for reading!


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