Norwegian Championships 10-ball day 2

September 25, 2016

The day went ok. I played I well on and off, and I was able to keep my focus most of the time. I lost the WQ in the Open division, went on to win my last round robin match in the women’s division 6-0 and then played the LQ back to back. The LQ was a strange match. My opponent Jostein Jullum (sports director in norwegian federation) made some mistakes in the beginning and never got his game rolling. The table was a bit slower than the other tables and we both struggled with position. I was able to hold it together and won 8-0, but the score is not really fair. 

In the last 32 I met Didrik Vatne and struggled a little with my shoulder. That caused some really bad mistakes on the beginning, missing two 10-balls and I was soon trailing 1-5. I was then able to pull myself together and the game went to hill – hill, but I lost 8-7 in the end. I had a good chance on 7-6 up but I got a bad kick on the 7. Ohwell, it wasn’t ment to be. 

At 13 today I am on again, this time it’s the semifinals in the women’s division. I play against Christel Hanah Johnsen  (Oslo bk). 

Wish me luck and thanks for reading 



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