Eurotour Albania

August 6, 2016

Won my first match against Yvonne Ullmann  (GER) 7-3. Played ok, but a little stiff. My neck is giving me a little trouble, but I just have to remember to play the natural angle more and not long hard shots and I will be ok:) 

Next match is at 1530 against Klaudia Kunz (SUI)

The arena is a little different than the ones we have in the hotels. It is an expo center and reminds me of the asian venues with acoustic noise, high humidity and bad spectator seats. I am so glad I have some experience with tjis, The shuttle buses and the venue can be a little disturbing when you have never tried it before.

And it is superhot here! Way to much for a norwegian 🙂 I had to change my clothes in my break, the playing clothes are just to warm 

Thank you for reading and thanks to my sponsors and supporters. KamuiOBCUESSvithun Biljardklubb and The Norwegian Billiard Federation 



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