Here we go again – Amway cup next

June 7, 2016


Cyclop balls it is. So now we are up to three different ballsets in use in tournaments in a month. Sometimes I envy snooker with their predictable tournament conditions, but nothing to do with that. All I can do is to pepare as good as I possibly can and on the brigth side at least I have the Cyclop balls, similar cloth and a similar table as we use in Taiwan. Not all players are that privileged.

The main tournament starts thursday 16th and I will post links to the draw and all information before that.

Thanks for reading!
Ine 🙂


One Response to “Here we go again – Amway cup next”

  1. PapaGuru said

    One Eyed Balls, or monster size ? In the old tale the Cyclop ask who it is hurting him and blinding his one eye. Ulysses answers No One, and thus confuses the giant monster .. The moral is probably to be more cunning and clever than your much larger opponent. 🙂

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