Play, play, play

April 8, 2016

Finally I have a little time to sit down and write. I have been busy, playing 8-ball and teams and Line also played semi and final in the 10-ball. Jasmin Ouschan won her second gold and Line won silver:)

Teams has been good. Line and I started against Spain and we won 2-0. In the WQ Martine and Line played and ended 1-1 against Austria. After a superb shoot out by Norway we advanced to the semifinals and we now have a medal! Semi against Poland starts at 1800 tonight. Can’t wait! !

The 8-ball discipline is a strange one and we already have some big names out and also on the loosers side. Jasmin Ouschan and Diana Khodjaeva fought for continued play in round one loosers side and Diana won. No medal for Jasmin in 8-ball, but she still has 9-ball to go. I expect her to be on the podium. Line and Martine is now playing WQ and I  just won my match against Laura Frances (ESP) in looser round 1 and play again tomorrow morning at 0900. I played good this match, and won 6-3. No major mistakes,  just some minor hickups which I  hope to eliminate on the next match:)

I finally got to visit this legendary place:) I had a few hours off and a car trip was perfect. Austria is such a beautiful country and I enjoyed seeing one of the places I have heard so much about. They used to have a big pool tournament there back in the days and we visited the small hotel the Norwegians used to stay in, saw the ski slope and also got a chance to say hi to mr and mrs Zegg that owned the place until they retired. Really nice:)

Thanks for reading,  updates will come:)



Line on the podium in 10-ball


The hotel


Beautiful lobby


The skislope:)


The venue aka the firestation


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