End of 2015, here comes 2016! Happy new year!

December 31, 2015

What a year 2015 has been. I have had ups and downs, both in life and tournaments. I have become a grandmother to a beautiful little girl, I have had serious illness in my close family, I have had my best season as a poolplayer both in Norway and Europe and I have made new friends all over the world. All in all I consider myself very lucky:)

I did start 2015 writing down my goals for the year. I am pleased to say I have reached them all. It is a strange feeling and I am so grateful that I have  the opprotunity to do the things I love in life, and succeed. I have won 4 out of 4 womens championships, I have ended my season ranked as number 7 in europe and I am on top of the regional ranking after winning 5 out of 8 tournaments. This means I am in the top 32 in Norway as the only female player in the elite for 2016. I am actually quite proud of myself and humble:)

I could not have done this without the support of my family, my federation and my sponsors. Without this support it would be impossible to even play pool.


Trophies from Norwegian championships 8-ball, 14-1, 10-ball, 9-ball and the regional ranking

wpid-5dd6d98d75c6357152a46e0de3bf5dab.pngThe Norwegian Billiards federation have goven me financial support for the Eurotours, which have helped me to rach the top 10 in Europe and stayed there, currently on 7th place. They also suported me to ggo to the WC 9-ball in Guilin, China. This would have been immpossible without the support. Thank you!


OB Cues, the best cues and shafts you can find, all american made. They suffered a great loss this year, Royce Bunnel passed away, but I am sure his spirit will  live on and show in their great quality, product development and ecxellent customer service. I currently play wiht an OB-123 with a black lizzard grip and a OB-2+ shaft, the OB Rift breakcue and the OB Pro Lift 3 piece jump cue. I love it, THANK YOU! I have some cues in stock, let me know if you are interested. I can also order whatever you want:)

Svithun_logo Svithun is my local club and not only have they helped me out finaccially, the also help me through great practice partners, we have a local tournament every week that is very good practice, we have national tournaments and they give me good incentives to keep on with my poolhall. As some of you know my poolhall is a little different, I have no alcohol and I do almost all work myself with a little help from friends and family. Having my fellow pooplayers in the poolhall helps keeping the spirit up!


My poolshop, together with my poolhall and suppliers, enables me to keep doing what I love. Some of my suppliers must be mentioned:

Veith supplies a little of everything and have the best service you can find. If you see something in their shop that you want that I do not carry, let me know and I will fix it!

Kamui_Tips_logoKamui supplies the best tips ever made, I use the Black SS clear myself. Their chalk and other accessories are all top quality and I will carry quite a lot of their products in 2016. Links will come! For the moment Tips is my main product and you can find them HERE. Take a a look at the Kamui website and let me know what you would like to see of additional products in my shop:)


Fury make some of the best quality cues for value that you can find. The cheapest cues start below NOK 1000 and they are upgraded with Tiger tips on a very good shaft. You can also get get EX shafts that are LD shafts that perform just as good as the more expencive LD shafts.  I have quite a few cues in stock, but you can also take a look HERE

Thanks for reading this last post from 2015 and


Let 2016 be the BEST year so far for you all






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