A little rough times:)

June 9, 2015

The last week has been a little challenging. I have had some private family issues and that have affected my focus and also my plan for the next few months. I will not go to China Open, but I will play all tournaments in Europe and locally.

This weekend I played in the Womens Eurotour in Baunatal, Germany, and my focus was not as it is supposed to be. I still fought my way up to a 17 th place, loosing for former European champion Monja Kielhorn She played very well and I did not. Enough said:)

Anyway, I am holding on to the 6th place on the Eurotour Ranking, which I am pleased with now that Jasmin Osuchan is back on top where she belongs:)

Saturday is the last regional ranking tournament before the summer break. We play in my poolhall and it’s 8-ball. I will post the draw and results when I have it.

Thanks for reading:)





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