Up to 4th place on the Eurotour ranking!!

May 31, 2015

eurotour Baunatal

This is my best ranking on the Eurotour so far, could not be happier:) And what a nice way to get there, with my third place in the Ardennen Cup. I have to thank all the people involved in the Ardennen Cup, you really do a great job! 8-ball is not my favorite discipline, but Ardennen Cup is one of my favorite events. THANK YOU!

I also made a lot of new friends, and got to know some of my old acquaintances better. And I had a great team in Lidia Moreira and Brandon Overeem. I could not have a nicer team and we played pretty well:) Brandon had his first real gig ( with his band) in the evening of the teamplay, and they did awesome. Feel free to visit their facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skyscraperslux?

Friday I go to Germany to play German Women’s Open in Baunatal. I hope to keep up my good game and performance and also to keep my form up for China Open. Busy times:)

Big thanks to my federation for the support I em getting this year, as you see it does wonders for my performance:) Also big thanks to OB Cues and Fury.

I will update form Baunatal when I have the draw, until then, Thanks for reading!



Brandon and his band Skyscrapers


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