Back on top of the regional ranking after winning this weekend:)

May 4, 2015


Saturday my club arranged RT 4 (of 8). I was seeded no 2 into the tournament and we played round robin with a single elimination from the semifinals. I lost my focus between being a tournament director and playing and lost one of the matches in the round robin to Elkhem Eisajan, ABC, a youth player who just made the Norwegian Youth team. That meant I faced Trond Larsen, MIL, in the semifinals instead of in the finals. It turned out that was a good thing. I played really well, I was up 4-0 and 5-1 before closing the match with a B&R to win 6-4. In the finals I met Elkhem once again and this time my focus was on top and I won 6-3.

Eliminating Trond in the semis and winning the tournament gave me enough points to top the ranking again:) I hope to keep that position, but we have 4 tournaments remaining and I have to play just as well in all of them to do that:) The winner of the regional ranking automatically goes back up in the elite division, and that is where I want to be.


The draw and results for the tournament is HERE

Next tournament is ET Women in Luxembourg, Ardennen Cup.

Onwards and upwards!

Thanks for reading:)



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