Easter break with new drills and good news:)

April 2, 2015


Mats Schjetne with a monster jump (with my OB Pro Lift off course:))




March has been very busy with Eurotour in Verona, 14-1 Norwegian Championships and then the Stavanger Open handicap tournament last weekend. The Easter break was much needed:)

Mats Schjetne visited our club the two days before the Stavanger Open and he had two separate sessions teaching our players practice methods, how to execute shots and also went into the strategics behind some of the disciplines. I think all the players had a great time and learned something new which is important. I learned some new drills which I am trying out now while the poolhall is closed down. I really enjoy them, this time it is mostly PAT 3 drills or variants of them and they are difficult. The more difficult the more I enjoy seeing the solutions. I have not yet gone through them prefect yet, but I am not giving up:) Thank you Mats for a great couple of days!

The Stavanger Open came and went, I had a hc of 2 and I won my first match, got demolished by Imran Majid starting on 0, lost that one 9-4 and then lost my next game the following day, feeling tired. Saturday I was stretched out with a fever and a stomach flu, no wonder I was tired. Luckily it was not an important tournament, just a fun one:) Neils Feijen won the tournament, Imran Majid came second and Ralf Suquet and Ruslan Chinahov ended on third. Other noticeable players in the tournament was Fransisco Bustamente, Daryl Peach, Karl Boyes and Marcus Chamat. Nice to have them all in my beautiful town even though the tournament was not in my Poolhall, but downtown:)

So for the good news. I got a Wildcard in the European Championships in 9-ball!!
I am very happy about that. I was going to Portugal anyway to attend the EPBFs General Assembly as the Internal Advisor and then play the Eurotour, but getting a wildcard for the 9-ball is a big highlight. I will be joining Line Kjørsvik and Martine Christiansen for Norway in the womens divison:) More information about the EC and the ET will come later.

I wish you all a Happy Easter!

Thanks for reading:)



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  1. PapaGuru said

    Take care of your health. Without your health intact there will be no pool. Your Daddy

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