9th place in Italian Open

March 9, 2015


Martine and I enjoying the sun in verona

First match in the top 16 I met former Junior World Champion Natalia Seroshtan from Russia. I never got in to the game and lost 7-3. I fought my best, this time it was not my game. But I  have had some very good matches this weekend and overall I am happy:) It was Norway against Russia in Martines match also, she played Ana Mazhirina. Norway got two 9th places and one 33rd for Kjersti Nordås, she lost a thrilling 6-7 against Yvonne Ullmann from Germany.

Thanks to my federation for support and also OB cues and Fury. I have the best equipment ever:)

Next tournament is the Norwegian straight pool championships open and womens division, this weekend. Updates will follow.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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  1. MALDITO said

    Great Pic

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