First goal achieved, I won the 8-ball!

February 7, 2015


It has been a long day, but it is all worth it! I won the first ranking tournament. This one was extra sweet, I played against Trond Larsen in the final. He used to be a top norwegian elite player, and my coach for a period of time:) I was able to pull out my best game when it mattered the most and I won 5 games in a row for the victory. Played really solid:)

Tomorrow it is time for ranking event number two and we play 9-ball.

Draw for the nineball:

Here we go again!

Thanks for reading:)



One Response to “First goal achieved, I won the 8-ball!”

  1. PapaGuru said

    Slowly returning to blazing form, are we? Good and solid wins are energizers for the future. For you, of course, but also for your Fan Father.

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