Norwegian champion 8-ball!

January 25, 2015


After a long weekend playing both in the open and women’s division I am now Norwegian champion 8-ball women, undefeated through the tournament. In the open division I lost my match to qualify for the last 32 to my teammate Fredrik Førde and ended 33 out of 93. It has been a good poolweekend and Oslo Biljardklubb have done a great job with the event. Thank you!

First goal of the year achieved! Thank you Obcues for the express job on my cues. Great equipment and great service:) Visit or my webshop if you are interested. Or just post a comment:)

Thanks for reading:)



One Response to “Norwegian champion 8-ball!”

  1. PapaGuru said

    Congratulations. It’s good to be the proud father.

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