2015 season has started!

January 11, 2015

hammerkodenThe new season has started and just in time I received my new book from Øyvind Hammer, Ole Einar Bjørndalens mental coach. I have the old book and I think his philosophy is perfect for me. I am now running around giving out rubber-bands to everybody:) I am fortunate enough to have had a private session with Øyvind over the phone many years ago, and I still use his input before tournaments. I have Coaching and also self motivation and psychology in my Bachelor degree, but it is so difficult to apply this on yourself. I use it with others, but having someone like Øyvind to point out the obvious is really good:)

My season was supposed to start this weekend with a regional ranking tournament, but we had to postpone it because of really bad weather. That means my season does not start before 23-25 january when the Norwegian Championships in 8-ball will be held in Oslo in both Open and Womens division. I will play in both. I will post links to livestream and draw when I have it.

I have started a post about my goals for 2015 and my preparation before tournaments. I will post that when it is finished:) In the mean time, I hope you all find your own goals for this year. This is equally important for all aspects of life and I wish for you all to achieve your goals. I will do my absolute best to achieve mine this year and I start with a goal to win the Womens division in the Norwegian 8-ball Championships, and finish in top 16 in the Open division.

So watch out, Onward and Upward will be my motto for 2015!

Thanks for reading



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