Qualification for the Norwegian elite division – Updated

December 4, 2014

nbFirst, I apologize for not posting in a few weeks. It is not that nothing has happened, I have actually played two tournaments, but I have had so many things going on in my life that I just had to let something go. I decided to stay of my blog for a few weeks.

BUT now I am back! This weekend I am playing qualification to stay in the elite division so it is a pretty important tournament. I am fifth seeded so I have a bye in round one. My first match is saturday 11:30 and you can find the draw and results during saturday in Google Docs HERE or in Hermunds cool system HERE. Both will be updated during the weekend. Also Oslo Biljardsenter have livestream, you can find that HERE. 

My fellow clubmates Olav Skrudland and Jason Hansen will also play. Fingers crossed for all three of us!

Thanks for reading:)


Update: I won my first match, lost my next and the lost for Henrik Hagen to qualify. Sadly that means I am not in the elite division next year:( Ohwell, I still have a lot of tournaments to play, and I guess the disappointment will be better in a few days.. Jason also lost, but Olav made it:)

Congratulations to all the players that did qualify:)


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