New personal best!

November 11, 2014

I lost the quarterfinals against Ronny Oldervik, but it is ok. I played really good all weekend, winning 9-5 against Audun Risan Heimsjø, 9-7 against Petter Jespersen, loosing 2-9 against Kristoffer Mindrebøe, winning 9-3 against Jardar Eiken Flage and in the end loosing 3-9 against Ronny Oldervik. The 5th place is a new personal best for me in a elite tournament AND I got price money! I also secured a place in the qualification for elite play next year, advancing 7 places on the ranking to a 22 place. If I play at the same level in the Norwegian Championships 22/23 november I can actually get enough points to skip the qualification and secure my place directly:)

It has been a little difficult because i have missed two tournaments this year. One when I was playing the Amway cup and one while the Eurotour in Portugal was on. This means I have only 4 tournaments out of 6 counting towards the ranking. We have a rolling rotation ranking system  with 7 tournaments total so the new players always struggle the first year.

So, goal for the Norwegian Championships 9-ball: Get enough points to secure my place in the elite:)

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One Response to “New personal best!”

  1. PapaGuru said

    Great achievement Ine. Still evolving, bettering your game and growing. Congratulations.

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